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Know All About the New Trends in Silver Plated Gifts

Silver, like gold, holds a different value in Indian society. It is said, the royals of India had as much silver as they had gold, if not more. Therefore, silver is also seen as the sign of wealth, luxury and royalty even till now. Do you want to make your gift recipient feel like royalty? Especially, when the festivity or the event you need to hand out the favor is considered sacred such as a wedding, anniversary or the festival of light? Are you tired and embarrassed of having to give out similar, dull and impractical gifts to everyone on each occasion? Are you worried that a change in style of gifting might burn holes in your pocket?

Fret not. We are MeLANgE and we are here with an astounding solution that will leave you and your gift recipients flabbergasted. Want to know what it is we speak of?

Silver-plated articles as gifts. Shhh! Do not let anyone else remember your secret to remembrance just yet. Yes, silver-plated gifts that are lacquered with Anti-Tarnish guarantee and come in free luxurious looking gift boxes. A lot to take in? We know!

Why do you need silver-plated beauties?

Silver-plated articles are almost equivalent to silver items. However, the difference appears in their prices. Where purchasing silver articles for everyone in your life may literally put your plans on hold due to the prices, one might easily shop for silver-plated gifts for their near ones. A precious present for those they love and respect. Furthermore, a present one can easily give to their most treasured ones from the collections of Melangegifts.

Moreover, it was even researched and found that each Indian household reserves a collection of silver objects, plated ones and otherwise too. It stands as an important metal in Indian principles. Therefore, it is considered holy when given during events such as Diwali, birthdays, weddings and baby showers. From being one of the auspicious favors for weddings to being the trending practical gifts in the corporate world, silver-plated gifts have surely made a name and fame for themselves.

In the recent years, the trend in gifting has seen a high upsurge in regards to silver-plated articles in the Indian market. Moreover, the reason behind this is the accessibility of an assortment of fashionably crafted unique and new trends in silver plated gifts at a fairly realistic price. Thus, people nowadays desire to hand out silver-plated gifts based on the new trend, easier access and low prices.

Do you want to be the one who gives out unique, enthralling, exciting, and multipurpose gifts?

Then why wait? Be the change you wish to see in the gifting world. At MeLANgE we have introduced the deluxe range of trending silver-plated items with chic looks. Seize the opportunity to purchase from the elegant collection and hook your gift recipients to your peculiar favors.

Silver-plated gifts last longer as compared to the orthodox gifts which are easily perishable. Therefore, they are not able to create the ability to get reminisced by the gift receiver. On the other hand, as the silver-plated presents are enduring and have new trends in gifting, they make for a perfect gift for any occasion.

One can give the latest practical article as a corporate gift to the client, boss, employees and even customers. Furthermore, the article can easily reflect the organization’s policy and vision of eternity and togetherness. Alongside, the silver-plated present will also act as a reminder of the work done or times spent, together. It is proven in the research, the gifts that last longer than expected succeed in creating brand awareness, recall and immense reputation of the organization.

As for trending silver-plated gifts as a wedding gift, you are aware people still choose to give cash in envelopes of dreary presents such as clothes to the guests and even to the couple tying the knot, aren’t you? Yes, we know it is unethical. But unfortunately for everyone, it is true.

Want to stand out apart from the crowd?

Then let your gift be different from the horde of mundane gifts in style. Now, enter the wedding ceremony with a graceful free gift box in hand and be the center of attention. After all, what is a wedding without a little twist? However, the question that arises often is, do you wish to give plain silver-plated gifts or the ones that are new and in trend?

The new trends in silver plated gifts are a more specific and purposeful version of the basic ones crafted to satisfy the needs of the gift recipient to the core. Here is a list curated by our hard working teams at MeLANgE for your exclusive gifting options.

Latest Gifts In The Silver-Plated Range!

Golden Flower Silver-Plated Box

Accentuate the desk or table the silver stylish box is put on. Let the gift recipients be ecstatic at receiving a multipurpose favor from you.

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Silver Piano Shaped Box

Give your gift receivers something to dance about, literally. The melody playing in an elegant box makes for a wonderful gift with its undying beauty.

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Silver Shell Disk with Stand 

Elegant, practical, beautiful and multipurpose, what more can a person desire in a ‘perfect‘ gift? Hand the trending favor and let your near ones swoon.

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Oval Antique Stone Pedestal Silver Bowl

With ruby stone, the article surely appears to be crafted for royalty. Let the recipients be mesmerized and recall you each time they glance at the beauty.

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Duck Bowl and Tray Set

Hand out a gift that slays any competition easily. Beautifully fashioned, the bowl set is made to display edibles elegantly or to be used as a chic decor.

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Ceramic Golden Tea Cup Set

Get your gift recipients something that helps them cherish even the tiniest of moments with their loved ones. Golden tea cup set does exactly that.

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Riveting Favors To Give

Banana Leaf Platter

Seize the chance and give your near ones the latest silverware to serve in style!

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Spiral Wine Glasses

Be a part of your gift recipients each win as they raise a toast to celebrate. Help them unwind exquisitely.

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Oval Ceramic Flower Basket

Get appreciated by your loved ones as they open this long lasting bling. Furthermore, help them set their place lavishly with this usable present.

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Peacock Leaf Design Silver Coffee Mugs

Why should the new trends in silver plated gifts be limited to decor? Make every morning lively for your near ones with this glittering beauty.

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New Trends In Silver Plated Gifts – The Professional Version

Office Accessory Set

Make them look the part of the corporate world with your gifts. Moreover, give a  favor that comes wrapped in professional perfection.

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Silver Scooter Mobile Stand

Grip the opportunity to incorporate yourself in the routine life of the gift recipient. Get respected as your favor literally saves their valuable phones from falling.

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Peacock Pen Stand

Now get your gifts within their grasp, pun intended. A favor that they regularly use would aid in your immense recall by the clients.

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Oval Silver Photo Frame

Get a gift for employees that is precious to them. Moreover, add a remarkable picture to not let them forget the good times spent together.

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Desire to be the one everyone looks up with stars in their eyes along with respect? Give an enthralling, practically usable gift and stun everyone with your choice. Furthermore, be the one who they remember whilst smiling at the incomparable present given by you as they walk down the memory lane with each glance. 

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