What remains in the last is memories. To hold the memories forever, a reminder gift for the guests is a must. They made your day filled with joyous moments, they brought fire to the dance floor and danced all night to celebrate your day. They were there with your every special moment to make it more cherishing. Bidding your guests goodbye is always hard. A wedding favor to them is heartwarming. They must have gotten tired as they stay awake the whole night to make it more memorable adding a thousand memories to it. After a tiresome journey of those special events, they’ll leave wishing you a happy journey of life. Warm them up with a hug and a special wedding favor.


We, at Melangegifts, offer special gifts for wedding favors. These some lovely gifts will surely make your guests feel that you care about them. It will be a reminder of memories that will stay for long with them.
We have pinned up some wedding favor ideas that will make your guests special-

Have a look:

Square Beaded Pearl Photo Frame

It is such an admirable frame that everyone would love to have. It attributes crystals and pearls with beautiful intricate design on the border. A picture inside this amazing frame will look splendid. Every time they will look at this photo frame, it will surely bring the nostalgia of your superb wedding.

Rectangle Wooden Silver Box

This rectangular box serves as a dry fruit box. It has a red-colored top cover and bottom. The top cover has a silver batch with a bouquet design at the center. The middle of the box is aesthetically designed with floral imprints on the silver-colored background. It is handy to carry anywhere. In short, your guests will surely feel the warmth of love and care whenever they will open this box to eat its contents.


Round Carved Silver Plate

This round plate is fanatically designed with the floral imprints carved on the interior of the plates. The exterior border has geometrical imprints which give it a linear finishing. It serves as home decor. Food served on the silver plate is considered more special. Whenever they will eat on this plate, it will surely remind them of you. In addition to this, fill it with dry fruits or candies to make your gift more memorable.

Unique Ceramic Flower Gold Basket

This basket has floral designs fascinated with crystals, gives it an extraordinary look. The receiver would not be able to take their eyes off it. The sober handle with rose flowers arising from the bottom makes it so dazzling. A ceramic bowl is placed inside the basket makes it convenient to keep loose things. It outshines the dining table and catches everyone’s gaze. Furthermore, make a hamper with full of eateries to make your gift more impressive.


Curved Tray and Bowl Set

The set of a tray and bowls with complementary spoons fetches everyone’s praise. As it can be utilized by everyone. It fits in every kitchen and dining table. It bears a long-lasting shine. They can use it to keep eatables in it, for example, dry fruits, candies, desserts, snacks, etc. Your guests will surely reminded of your superb wedding with such a worthy and useful gift.

Classic Gold Flower Vase

Any corner of a home becomes unique when it is decorated with a flower vase. This golden flower vase has carved parallel lines within the floral petal-shaped interiors. The vase is convex in shape that renders it unique. The ribbon tied design on the mid looks so attractive like a woman’s neck beautified by an attractive necklace. In short, the receiver will surely feel elated by getting this as a present.


Peacock Leaf Design Silver Coffee Mug

The peacock shaped handle with two leaves surrounding the transparent mug looks stunning. A silver spoon complements each cup. Each time when your guests will sip their coffee from it, they will remember all those special and beautiful moments of your wedding.

Crystal Studded Enamelled Jewelry Box

It catches the gaze of everyone’s eyes. The beautiful pink and white roses look so overwhelming. The white jasmine design adds to its elegance. Every woman carries so many pieces of jewelry with her. This box fulfills their need of keeping jewelry in a convenient and attractive box. In addition to this, they can use it to keep saffron, cashew, almonds, etc.


Ring Shaped Crystal Candle Stand

This unique candle stand is so ravishing. Two rings standing on a bottom touching each other, one carrying a diamond makes this whole combination classy. The diamond of the ring is actually a candle holder. The enlightening candle on this stand looks so fascinating. In short, one of the best article for home decor purposes.

Crystal Rim Silver Fruit Bowl

This round bowl has a leafy designed interior inside. The exterior outline is enticed with white shiny crystals. It fulfills the need of the kitchen for serving desserts. This bowl will shower more compliments for its elegant finishing. In addition to this, fill it with almonds, cashews, saffron, etc to make your gift more impressive.

Piano Enameled Silver Musical Box

This finely crafted, piano enameled silver musical box is an out-of-the-box gift for your lovely guests. Present it to them and get ready to receive unstoppable compliments from them. It shines bright and gives a luxurious touch to any home decor. In addition to this, they can use it to keep eateries in it, for example, dry-fruits, candies, etc. Moreover, it is best to keep jewelry in it.

Egyptian Maidens Coupe Centerpiece

This centerpiece makes everyone’s fantasy come true. Two beautiful ladies holding a huge bowl makes everyone bewildering about it. This centerpiece serves not only as home decor, but can also be used as a serving bowl. It is best to keep eateries in it, for example, candies, dry fruits, etc. This will not let your guests forget about it.


Butterfly Enameled Silver Photo Frame

Another unique wedding guest gift idea is a butterfly enameled silver photo frame. Let them preserve their precious snapshots for the lifetime in this classy photo frame. The receiver will surely appreciate the choice of your gift.

Ball Beaded Silver Bowl

Treat your lovely guests with this statement-making silver bowl. This utilitarian and finely crafted silver bowl is adorned with beaded balls on its rim. It shines bright and looks lavish on any dining setting. Gift this serving bowl to your guests as a wedding return gift to appreciate their presence. In addition to this, fill it with dry fruits to make your gift more memorable and impressive. 


Rose Gold Silver Box

Bestow your lovely guests with this intricately designed silver rose gold box. It is best to keep eateries in it, for example, candies, cashews, almonds, and many more. It will also elevate the charm any dresser or console. They will surely remember you for this beautiful wedding return gift.

Oval Cutwork Silver Basket

Pepped with the brilliant shine of silver, this finely crafted oval cutwork silver basket is also the right pick for your lovely guests. Present it to them to appreciate their presence. Moreover, help them to add a luxurious touch to their dining decor. Furthermore, it is best to keep fruits or candies in it. 


Silver Duck Bowls With Tray

Gift this trendy silver duck bowl set with a tray to your guests to make them feel special and to shower your gratitude towards them. They can use it to keep eatables in it, for example, sweets, dry fruits and many more. It is best for serving purposes and for dining decor too.

In conclusion, above all are just few of the gifts. Melangegift offers many other silver gifts to serve as wedding favors. You will not only get your gifts, but you will also get- 

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I had a phenomenal experience ordering wedding gifts with Melangegift. The Silver Gifts are beautiful. And the designing on the gifts had my eyes glued to them. Even the feedback that I got from our guests was simply amazing. Thank You!


Melangegift took away all my worries regarding wedding gifts. They have all things beautiful, elegant and classy. I was stumped for choice. Every other gift I saw drew me towards it.I would say keep up the good work. Best Wishes.


My bff absolutely adored her wedding gift- the jewelry box. She said it was so unique. Thank you for helping me make her day!

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