Why Businesses Need Corporate Gifts? 15 Unusual Corporate Gift Ideas

Why Should MeLANgE Be Your Choice for The New Corporate Gifts?

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For the success of an organization, employees and clients plays an important role. Employees are the ones who put their every possible effort for the successful completion of the project and the clients are the ones by whom the company runs. So, more or less they both are an essential part of every organization. If they are doing so much for your organization then it’s your responsibility to shower your gratefulness. To express your emotions towards them, new corporate gifts are the best way by which you can easily do that when words fail. It appreciates the employees for their hard work and motivate them to keep their work with the same enthusiasm.

Corporate gifting is the perfect way to convey your gratitude towards them. It shows that, while selecting gifts you keep in mind about the receiver’s likes and dislikes and you also invest your money and time for the selection of the latest corporate gifts for them. When you present them those gifts, they have a feeling of excitement on their faces and when they open the gift, sometimes their facial expression changes suddenly, either they become happier or they get irritated or like Ugh! I don’t like this gift, I already have this one! Do you ever think why this happens? Because you have done some silly mistakes in your gifts which you haven’t realized earlier. But not, it is time to figure out these problems and to solve them.

What are the mistakes you make while giving New Corporate Gifts?

Presenting repeated gifts

You always give them a box of sweets, chocolates, goodies, hampers, crockery sets and many more. All of them are common gifts and everyone doesn’t like to get it, even if you also don’t want to get boring and repeated gifts from the sender. So, why are you still stuck with those boring gifts. Try something new, present them exquisite gift so that they can remember for the lifetime.

Gifts with no utility

Imagine a situation, someone gifted you an extraordinary gift and it also looks fabulous but it is of no use. Would you like it? Obviously, a big No! So, why are you presenting them those gifts that have no utility. These kind of gifts are either recycled or stashed away in the storeroom where it collects only dust. Thus, there is also a need to change your gifting style. Present them those gifts that have a perfect combination of beauty and utility to strengthen your relationship with them and to leave a long-lasting impression on the receiver’s mind. For this, you need the latest corporate gifts for your employees and clients.

Gifting something that the receiver already have

Oh God! You have gifted them those gifts that they already have. We understand you probably don’t know what the receiver has or what’s not. That’s why you need to select something unusual or unconventional gifts for them to shower your gratefulness. In short, you need new corporate gift.

Not giving quality gifts

Because of the busy schedule, you have not invested your time and effort to get an appropriate gift and also in a hurry you have not look for the quality of the article. It is the biggest mistake you have made with your latest corporate gifts. Invest your time and think about the gifts before purchasing. Always choose high-quality gifts for your employees and clients. Otherwise, it may affect your brand image or company’s reputation.

Present gifts without investing time and effort on its packaging

Along with the premium gifts, it is also important to spend more on packaging. As we know that, first impression is the last impression, it is also true for the gifts. You need to make the gift boxes more attractive and exclusive to bestow your employees and clients and to maintain your brand image or company’s reputation.

So, these are some of the silly mistakes you have made with your new corporate gifts.

From where you will get perfect corporate gifts for employees and clients?

By keeping in mind the above problems, we at Melangegift offer a wide collection of unique and best corporate gifts for employees and clients. We have more than 300 modern design with high-quality products within your budget. Our gifts are practical, unusual and gives pleasurable experience. As we have an ample pack of articles, we like to give you a little introduction to some of our best corporate gift items.

The Beauties At Your Disposal- New Corporate Gifts

Modern Texture Silver Photo Frame

Let the imagination take a flight of fancy with this oval-shaped photo frame featuring a high-gloss finish. Furthermore, it displays your nostalgic memories with panache. Present it to your office staff or colleagues to delight them.

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Oval Cutwork Flower Silver Basket

Gratify your employees and clients with this alluring silver basket. They can use it to keep eatables in it, for example, fruits, chocolates and many more. The cutwork design of this basket will surely help you to earn a lot of compliments from them.

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Elephant Silver Mobile Stand

Consider this delightful mobile holder that exudes sophisticated charm as a perfect corporate and office gift. This elephant mobile stand offers design, style, and durability.

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Silver Airplane Paperweight

A beautiful airplane paperweight to be kept on the top of papers to hold down sheets of paper and to keep them from blowing away in a breeze. Gift this stylish airplane paperweight.

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Enthralling & New Corporate Gifts

Peacock Leaf Border Round Bowl

It makes for a multi-purpose dining table accessory. In addition to this, it will photograph as beautifully as it looks. Every curve of this silver bowl is sculpted to contrast with its design.

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Oval Unique Ceramic Flower Basket

Infuse your interiors with the verve of Unique Ceramic Flower Gold Basket  that holds just about anything with finesse. Yet another one of the most beautiful corporate Gift!

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Unique Ceramic Mug Set

Bring this elegant coffee mug set for your employees and clients & let them enjoy their evening coffee session with a touch of sophistication.

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Square Wire Silver Bowl

The Wire Motif Silver Bowl  makes any serving an elegant affair. In addition to this, this makes for one of the most enticing and best gift for employees.

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Silver Bowls & Tray Set

A statement piece to display dry fruits, candies, and others. These elegant artsy silver bowls make a gift that has a whimsical flair.

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Duck Shaped Silver Bowls

Gift this stately charm silver bowls to your employees and clients. They can use it to serve eateries in it or adorn their dining table too. 

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Some More New Corporate Gifts

Peacock Pen Stand

Pen Stand is an important desktop accessory for a professional. This elegant and posh looking pen stand featuring a peacock with spread feathers is an office desk essential that is apt to be gifted to colleagues.

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Square Silver Tray with Cutwork Rim

Present this silver-plated square tray attributed with cutwork rim to your employees and clients. Fill it with chocolates, sweets and dry fruits to shower your gratefulness towards them.

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Office Accessory Set 3-in-1

A super classy key chain, sturdy pen, and a posh cardholder- the three of which are a must-have for a professional. Gift this set to your clients and they would love to own it.

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Three Sided Gold Platter

Get this charming and elegant three-sided golden platter for your precious employees and clients. This serving platter is the perfect gift for employees/clients.

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Rectangle Carved Silver Box

Gratify your employees and clients with this best corporate gift. This rectangular silver-plated box with carving on the front makes it more classy and beautiful.

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Square Cutwork Silver Platter

With the glory of cutwork infusing charm in it, this silver platter is an unforgettable office gift. Moreover, its ingenious design will get the receiver raving about your taste in gifts.

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Melangegift has over 400 designs consisting of Silver Bowls, Silver Trays, Enamelled Photo Frames, Silver Pooja articles, Silver Dry Fruit Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Tabletop items, Silver God Idols, Home Decor items among others. They are of supreme quality and have intricate designing. We have numerous other showstopper and best corporate gifts. The packaging is as premium as our gifts and you will absolutely love it, we promise.


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Can I get Same Day Delivery?

Yes, but you will have to pay extra charges for it.

What more kind of products do you have?

We have products in Silver Plated, Golden, the Italian Collection, and our Steampunk & Egyptian Collection.

What if I want to order in bulk and want the products delivered at the earliest?

We have ready stocks of our products and you can order in as much quantity as you want. You can also take advantage of various deals.

What about customization?

We also offer personalization like receiver’s name, company logo, and as such on the boxes and the gifts.

What payment methods can I use?

You can pay through credit cards, debit card, UPI, cheque or in cash.

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