Best Wedding Return Gifts- Why You Need A Change

Indian weddings have undergone significant changes in the past that have acutely transformed the very nature of weddings, while simultaneously making an utmost effort to adhere to customs and traditions that elders have forever cherished. In line with this, you must be wondering as to how you can render your wedding ceremony, an event that will be held only once, as an epitome of your affection and loyalty to not merely your partner, but rather, all the well-wishers, patrons, and guests who grace the occasion too! The answer to this is wedding return gifts.

In circumstances such as this, it is crucial that you express your gratitude in the most shimmering way possible. Moreover, you have to ensure that an event of this kind regales guests not merely with lavish decor, sumptuous food, and live music, but also with something as memorable and commemorative as a return gift.

What Does the Absence of a Wedding Return Gift Imply?

While wedding gifts have played a vital role in embodying one’s commitment and goodwill towards the couple taking the vows, evidence suggests that couples fail to reciprocate this gesture, and this acts a detriment to the couple’s inability to strike a chord with their wedding guests. You would not want this to happen on the most fateful occasion and milestone of your life, would you? Of course, you would not, and neither would we.

Moreover, if you believe that merely scrumptious food offerings and an affable ambience will perpetually memorialise your wedding ceremony, then you are quite mistaken. Studies have shown that events whose keepsakes or mementos you have in possession are far more likely to be recalled and recollected by a layperson than are those events that lack one. This does not bode well for wedding ceremonies that skimp on putting decent efforts on the guests by not including something as meaningful and effusive as wedding return gifts.

Wedding ceremonies that have immortalised themselves always pay attention to detail: this attention is devoted to instances and aspects that many unsuspecting couples are likely to either overlook or neglect citing their triviality. This nonchalant neglect entails a scenario wherein patrons are very likely to not recall the wedding ceremony with the lapse of time owing to how generic and run-of-the-mill the said event was.

What Makes the Best Wedding Return Gift?

The most awe-inspiring return gift ideas for Indian weddings painstakingly try to strike a balance between ambience, decor, and food, and the efforts to garner the goodwill of guests. You should strive to emulate this as much as possible: the best wedding return gift will also grant the guests the ability to associate your wedding ceremony with an actual item that can be felt and used on a daily basis.

The best wedding return gifts also take into account the preferences and inclinations of the guests. Since you will not be able to determine the individual preferences of guests individually, you can try to choose a category or item of utility that one can use on a frequent basis, something that will likely evoke positive memories when recalling your wedding ceremony.

You should endeavour to make your wedding ceremony an occasion that elicits emotions and sentiments of the highest order. Procuring tacky, random presents and presenting them as return gifts for wedding ceremonies will likely dampen the gravitas of the wedding.

Return gifts for Indian weddings should always strive to strike the appropriate balance between practicality and customs, which is why Melange offers the most impeccable choices that have taken inspiration from Indian weddings.

Moreover, if your wedding ceremony is not celebrated with the appropriate gusto, you are quite likely going to ensure that guests do not recall your wedding ceremony since people in general are more likely to recall events that have an associated item they can feel, touch, and gaze at.

Melange has partnered with leading experts to develop some of the most exquisite and practical silver gifts of value for occasions such as these. Feel free to browse our extensive collection dedicated to return gifts for Indian weddings and make your wedding stand out from the crowd!

Here Have a look on Exclusive Wedding Gift Ideas:

1.) Square Cutwork Silver Platter

Square Cutwork Silver Platter

Crafted with precise adjustments, this silver platter has been embedded with motifs along the edges, leaving out a square base in the center. The platter’s definite features accentuate its unassuming construction.

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2.) Duck shaped bowls with silver tray

Duck Bowl and Tray Set

Fabricated to resemble an elegant gathering of ducks, this duck bowl and tray set truly embody the spirit of Melange! Crafted with silver, the duck bowl set sports a platter too. The sturdiness of the bowls are rivaled by their elegance.

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3.) Decorative Golden Flower Basket

Infuse your interiors with the verve of Unique Ceramic Flower Gold Basket that holds just about anything with finesse. Yet another one of the most beautiful wedding Gifts!

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4.) Round Cutwork Silver Bowl

Luxurious Round Silver Plated Bowl with wire motif and fluted interior

Flanked by intricately-crafted cutwork, this round silver bowl has been chiseled to perfectly house fruits. The bowl touts a perfectly plain and lustrous silver-plated base that retains its luster even in very rugged and harsh circumstances.

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5.) Crystal Bowls With Oval Silver Tray

a set of two crystal bowls with enameled silver lids & tray placed over a gift boc

The gossamer crystal bowls attest to their flawless construction. Despite their delicate outlook, they are quite robust. Inlaid geometric patterns in the bowls produce a scintillating hue when in contact with light.

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Not Just These, We Have More Classy Wedding Return Gift Ideas

6.) Rose Gold Fluted Border Photo Frame

Rose Gold Fluted Design Photo Frame

This photo frame will be a great keepsake for them to remember their wedding day every time they look at it. Let them adorn their beautiful memories in it for the treasure of years to come.

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7.) Intricately Designed Silver Box

this authentic silver box makes for an excellent wedding return gift, Diwali gift, anniversary gift among many other occasions.

Designed with repousse and with every ebb and curve sculpted to perfection, this box accentuates the elegance of the dressing table and adds a whole new dimension to it. Use it to preserve eateries or trinkets.

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8.) Oval Ruby Stone Studded Silver Bowl

Oval Antique Stone Studded Silver Bowl

Studded with an exquisitely-chiseled ruby, this oval silver bowl boasts of an unprecedented luxurious appeal. The two elegant handles allow for convenient handling and access.

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9.) Unique Ceramic Flower Mugs

Ceramic Flower Unique Coffee Mug Set of 4

Allow your peers to wake up to their morning coffee in this beautiful set of silver coffee mugs with peacock leaf design intricately woven around its curved surface.

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10.) Crystal Rim Fluted Silver Bowls

Silver Bowl Set

The crystal rim fluted silver bowls comes packed in an elegant box. The bow’s unassuming construction blends seamlessly with the rim fluted pattern. If you fancy eating desserts and other assortments in style, then this impeccable addition is perfect for you.

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11.) Peacock Leaf Border Oval Silver Bowl

Peacock Border Round Silver Bowl

This bowl is the perfect coffee table attraction. Add dry fruits or sugar cubes to the bowl and you’re done; the room looks more elegant than ever! It is as bespoke as it is lustrous, coveted, and exquisite.

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12.) Square Fluted Silver Bowls with Tray


Silver Bowls with Silver Tray and Spoons

This graceful set of two bowls comes with an equally mesmerising tray. It is something that would complement any center table and add to the elegance of the room. Two delicately-crafted spoons, tinted with lustrous silver, are complementary to the set.

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So, what are you waiting for? Grab these deals before you lose them. Get your guests something that eternally memorialises the most joyous and significant milestone of your life!

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