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22 Unique Corporate Gifts For 2022 That Will Break Through The Crowd

“Brilliance comes through smart work that is consistent”.

This is a phrase that is generally referred with reliability in the world of business or professional sector on a larger scale. Doing the work, leading through penetrative sight and commitment towards goal are not the only virtues of corporate ethics.

In order to run a marathon, preparation should be persistent along with far vision. Right ? The two uncompromisingly essential resources of a successful business are – ‘Clients’ and ‘Employees’.

We know that you have a great inclination for being recognised with reverence in the eyes of your clients as well as the employees. But the desire is unmet till you choose the correct path in the direction of having their “fidelity” and “consistent engagement”. Recognising the clue, are you ? Unique corporate gifts are the thing we are excitingly pointing at here.

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Have you ever wondered about the choice of gifts that you make has a profound effect on the mentality of those you work with ? Yes, it is indeed a question to be pondered upon ? Am I presenting my company with the highest possible ?

“The small makes up the large” which denotes that whatever move a person does in the company with clients and employees is necessarily going to have a decisional impact in the future too.

When it comes to our customer’s prestige we will never let you down since the goal is to serve with unique corporate gift ideas that are efficient and reflections of grandeur. Moreover, in the following we are going to bring awareness of the items that can be presented to your clients :-

1 – Flower & Leaf Design Gold Platter


The definition of grace itself. This is a gold platter which is designed in a floral pattern of flower and leaf. Aristocracy is not an ordinary thing, so why would your gifts for a client be ? This golden platter is enchanting with the latest detailing.

2 – Peacock Leaf Border Round Silver Bowl

Peacock Leaf Border Silver Plated Bowl With Fluted Interior and 4 designer legs

This is a silver bowl that is carved in round shape and on the borders of which charismatic peacock leaf pattern has been denoted. When a person receives a gift like this, it’s impossible to not be left amazed due to its unique peacock leaf border.

3 – Round Wire Motif Golden Bowl

A Golden Bowl with fluted interior, wire motif border and three designer legs

‘The dish of class but not of mass.’ This phrase is enough to describe this piece as it is not approachable by masses and surely influences the mind of your client to be dearly inflated by a lovely present on which round wire motif designing has been done.

4 – Silver Centrepiece Bowl with Stand 4-in-1

A single piece of silver is like a silver lining on cloud and this is a whole 4-in-1 silver centrepiece bowl with stand this the effect will be quadruple instantly. It comes with a centrepiece bowl that can be comfortably used along with stand.

5 – Classic Gold Flower Vase

MelangeGifts - Golden vase

Flowers are always a delight to be surrounded by. What a pleasant unique corporate gift idea ! This is a big gold flower vase which is classic in its design. Both the ends seem to be emerging from centre that is magnificently knotted.

6 – Glass Globe Silver Bowl

Glass Globe Bowl With Fish Scale Design

Presenting you a glamorous silver bowl which inculcates a sense of joy with its glass globe design. The central circular piece joins the ends through creativity. Its base is distinctive because of patterns carved upon it while the upper bowl is captivating.

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7 – Three Shell Design Silver Platter Stand

Two-Tier Silver Platter Stand

They say “out of sight is out of mind” but this unique corporate gift is capable of defying this rule because of its alluring three shell platter pattern. While you will be out of sight whereas this present will never let you be out of client’s mind.

8 – Peacock Leaf Design Silver Coffee Mug

Peacock Leaf Silver Coffee Mug

A client is a human being foremost. Gifting a set of peacock leaf design silver coffee mug is assured to be a cherry on top since their beverages will be garnished with dainty charm. Cups’ base is firmly adhered with peacock leaf design.

9 – Duck Bowl and Tray Set

Duck Bowl and Tray Set

A gracious set of three duck bowls which come with a tray. The bowls are designed via the theme of ducks. They look bestowed with flair and beholding finesse. A unique corporate gift such as this one is really hard to forget and is endearing too.

10 – Piano Shaped Enameled Silver Box

Piano Shaped Enamelled Silver Box

We have got a magnificent melody playing item to serve you well. It is a piano shaped enameled silver box, catchy to the eyes and mellifluous to ears. Being tiny is a strength to it because this factor armours the box with aesthetics.

‘Moving on is a way of life’ and similar is our approach to hereafter offer you wariness about presenting unique corporate gifts for your employees in the below section :-

11 – Rose Gold Fluted Design Photo Frame

Rose Gold Fluted Design Photo Frame

This is a photo frame which is based upon the design of rose gold fluted on borders. Making your employees life lit with joy and peace is an easier task with a charming photo frame like this one. It signifies your care through evident grace.

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12 – Round Dry Fruit Silver Tray

a silver tray with 4 se

“Have you been gifted such an amazing article ?” This would your employee’s question to an acquaintance at another work when you will gift an elegant round dry fruit silver tray. They will be proud to be working for you as a fortune’s favour.

13 – Pink Crystal Silver Pen Stand

silver pen stand with pink crystal

This is an eye-catching article which is aptly presentable as one of the a unique corporate gifts. The base is broad and flat that assures stability alongwith a floral pattern that is carved around pink crystal to be ready to shower flair.

14 – Peacock Pen Stand

Peacock Pen stand

Another piece of perfection is here that is a peacock pen stand. The peacock design is amalgamated with green and red crystals which give a soothing feel. A gift like this one is going to elevate the loyalty quotient in your favour.

15 – Modern Fluted Texture Silver Photo Frame

Ridged Design Silver Photo Frame

A comely photo frame is the essence of the purpose it is used for. This photo frame is designed in modern fluted texture so that your choice is remained unparalleled with chic and modernity.

16 – Square Weave Design Silver Box

weave design silver jewelry box

The box is rectangular in shape on the top of which square weave pattern has been done such that it is alluring and usable at the same time. The box can be opened effortlessly through the button in centre of edge and is delightful to hold.

17 – Round Cutwork Silver Bowl

Luxurious Round Silver Plated Bowl with wire motif and fluted interior

The above name is appropriately describing a bowl that is roundly shaped and cutwork has been don upon it with precise intricacy. Whole circumference is uniform from every angle. Thus, this bowl will be a unique corporate gift.

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18 – Crystal Rim Fluted Silver Bowls

Crystal Embedded Round Curve Design Bowl Set Of Two

It is a pair of silver bowls designed on the base of  crystal rim fluted pattern. Both the bowls come in beautiful size that is perfect to offer desserts to guests. By gifting this not only the employees their guests would be joyfully partying as well.

19 – Crystal Sugar Pot With Spoon

Cutwork Silver-Plated Jewelry Box

At Melange, we believe that sweetness beckons more of it. Hence, for your choice we have got a chic crystal sugar pot accompanied by an adorable spoon. It is firm at base so does not lose balance on table. “The sweeter, the better”, you would agree too.

20 – Square Cutwork Pearl Silver Jewellery Box

Pearl Silver-Plated Jewelry Box

After pinging you by amicable crystals, now we have an equally charming product which is a square cutwork pearl silver jewellery box designed accurately, that can be used joyfully for safekeeping of ornaments.

21 – Enameled Double Layer Silver Photo Frame

Multicolored Flower Patterned Photo Frame

The photo frame here is double layer enameled making it charismatic and elegant at the same moment. Let your clients and employees display their fondest of memories with panache.

22 – Three Sided Handle Silver Platter

Three Sided Handle Silver Platter

It is a silver dish which is containing three sided handle being appropriate to be used in multiple ways. This can be used as a highlight model in living area of home or in office as well. Won’t you like a “astonished reaction” from clients ?

“A gift is not just a transient article, it holds the true meaning of what another person means to you.”

Work is life. Therefore, the people you work with are also an imperial-cum-crucial part of your life.

You have been gifting since the commencement of work life, so why not choose unique corporate gift ideas this time to introduce them with rejuvenated “you- as a partner, as a boss or as a business accord”!

This will have multifold benefits for you- from creating a brand recall to thanking your clients and appreciating & motivating employees, thereby gaining their loyalty in return. Make sure you make a different choice this time. 

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“Happy Makeover To Your Gifting Style.”