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6 Reasons Why Corporate Gifts Are Important

Corporate gifting benefits a business in several ways. It has an irreplaceable strong impact on your organization. Whether it’s your marketing team giving out gifts to the clients or it’s the HR team conducting  office gifting, all your corporate gifts should be finalized with utmost attention and care. After all, they are out there representing your brand’s reputation.

Throughout your career, you must have received corporate presents. Some may have been given in the form of incentives, while others may have been given in the form of material goods. A short question: what are the gifts that immediately spring to mind? Your initial responses will focus on the ones that were distinctive and beneficial. Furthermore, it goes without saying that you will always remember the firm that gave you such wonderful gifts that you will treasure for the rest of your life. That’s the level of effect you should aim for with your corporate presents.     

Why Give Unique Corporate Gifts Afterall?

We have ourselves witnessed corporations wasting money and time on gifts that go unnoticed and are left unappreciated. Not just that, going with the wrong choice of gifts can invite annoyance, imbalanced business relations, an unsatisfied bunch of employees, and doubtful customers. We don’t really mean that only gifts can give you good business. However, we strongly stand by our opinion that corporate gifts do have an everlasting impact on your success, be it good or bad. Unique gifts have positive reverberations while genetic presents have a damaging influence.

Let’s say you spent a total of 1.5 lakh in arranging gifts for all your clients. You expected a shower of thankyou calls and emails the next day and more referrals to your business. But what you actually get in return is disheartening and harmful from the business perspective.  Disgraceful sights isn’t it? But hey, chuck the worries as MeLANgE is always available to help their clients outshine and live with prosperity. 

But before we jump to the conclusion about how we can help you be the best gift-giver, let’s dive into some facts and learn some theories behind corporate gifting.

Check out the benefits that your company can gain by gifting its employees

Advantage of giving corporate gifts to your clients

  • Can bring good ROI- Gift giving can have a psychological effect on reciprocating decisions (in this case, business deals). As a result, the cost of gifting pales in comparison to the potential influence on your business and profitability.
  • Increase brand awareness- Some corporate giving services like MeLANgE allow you to personalize the branding, which means your company emblem will be associated with the recipient’s excitement when they receive the gift. Every time they use the gift you send them, they will be reminded of your brand. Many people enjoy posting on social media about the gifts they get and their unique experiences. This will get your brand highlighted.
  • Upgrade your and your company’s reputation- Gifts improve people’s perceptions and foster stronger emotional bonds. This is just one of the many wonderful things that gifts may do. If you give your clients a gift, they are more likely to have a favorable image of your brand and desire to do business with you. 

Advantage of giving corporate gifts to your employees

  • Brings encouragement-  Money can’t always make the same kind of connection that the tiniest of gifts can. As human beings, we all love to be recognized and valued. With gifts for your employees, you can thank them, show your appreciation and boost their morale for more productivity ahead.
  • Retain talent- Can you even imagine seeing a real talent walk away because they feel undervalued? It might sound like a small thing, but in reality, it isn’t. Employees quit businesses for a variety of reasons, one of which is a sense of being devalued or unappreciated. As a result, employee retention is influenced by appreciation. Recognizing your employees’ contributions will help you keep your most valuable staff.
  • Creates a healthy work environment- It’s very important for your employees to understand that they are more than just employees. There’s a space beyond professionalism that needs to be filled with healthy professional bonds with all the workers of an organization. A healthy working environment leads to quick and more success. Honoring your personnel demonstrates your appreciation for their efforts. Employees become more invested and interested in their work and in the firm when they feel valued.

Take Your Business To New Heights With MeLANgE

According to Forbes, one study states that physical objects create a larger imprint on the brain, which improves memory and brand connection. Furthermore, 94 percent of top executives say that presents help to foster a stronger personal connection and are crucial to corporate success. 

MeLANgE helps you get an array of premium quality silver gifts you can pick your corporate gifts from. As mentioned earlier, by giving out practical presents your company will always stay alive in their mind. Choosing an out-of-the-box is one task, but is it enough to leave an impact? No! Wondering what did you miss? It’s the presentation. Along with helping you get good gifts we also provide you with free plush packaging that will be the only attention grabber in the room. 

Popular Corporate Gifts that can evidently be labeled as perfect ones

1.3-in-1 Office Accessory Set

a set of three including one pen, a money clip and a card holder, all silver plated kept inside a gift box

Gift poshness with a dash of individuality – that leaves an impression on the receiver from the time they open the box.

  • This set has a strong frame and silver-plated pieces for a high-quality feel.
  • A money clip that can be used to neatly keep monetary notes.
  • A card holder is also included to keep crucial cards together.
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2. Airplane Silver Paperweight

Airplane Paperweight

Paperweights are crucial, but most people aren’t interested in the hefty, breakable ones. This particular item is designed to provide a distinct effect.

  • It has a glossy and smooth texture that draws attention to it.
  • The unusual yet basic form ensures that everyone enjoys it.
  • Unbreakable and easily holds heaps of paper.

3. Wavy Design Photo Frame

Ridged Design Silver Photo Frame

Who wouldn’t like to have their memories framed at their office while staring at their loved ones? Introducing a frame that keeps things simple while upgrading your surroundings.

  • This table-top frame allows the user to move images easily while minimising harm.
  • It keeps its lustre for years and is simple to maintain.
  • Strongly constructed with unrivalled durability.

4. Iconic Peacock-Leaf Bookmark

Silver-Plated Mor Pankh Bookmark With Box

“It’s the little things that count…” We’re not sure if that was a line from a movie, but it’s accurate. This delicate silver-plated bookmark is little in size but extremely valuable.

  • This bookmark is a real eye-catcher, despite its little weight.
  • Individuals who get this would be urged to keep tangible notebooks, diaries, and notes.
  • Its peacock-leaf inspired design keeps its lustre for a longer period of time.
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5. Fluted Silver Bowls, Set of 2

Scalloped Design Round Bowl Set Of Two With Box

Now is the moment to consider what your clients or employees would like to preserve in their homes as a reminder of your legacy! This dish set is it.

  • This set is not your average item, as seen by its fluted appearance.
  • The bowls may easily accommodate a large amount of food.
  • These bowls require little maintenance and catch the receivers off guard the first time they see them.

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6. Intricate Border Round Silver Bowl

Round Cutwork Silver Platter

Everybody is a materialist, almost. Why should they not be? The desire to own expensive items must be satisfied, and our exquisite bowl ensures that.

  • Its captivating design along the rim and base give it an appealing beauty.
  • A solid foundation that can withstand significant weight without complaint.
  • An piece that will pique everyone’s interest.

7. Modern Design Silver Box

weave design silver jewelry box

You cannot buy the world or to go to the moon. A modest gesture, such as this sumptuous weave pattern Silver Box, would suffice.

  • If you want to donate anything like sweets or chocolates, why not provide them in a box that will be kept later?
  • This box features two glass sections that may house dried fruits, candy, or whatever else you like.
  • Boxes are the mascot of curiosity; use this one to enhance your branding.

8. Dainty Flower Basket 

Silver Basket Flower Affix On The Handle

Aren’t baskets adorable? However, some of them might be so tacky and heavy that they distract your attention away from them. However, please accept our magnificent Silver Basket.

  • Sleek top handles can support a substantial amount of weight.
  • Delicate embellishments make it stand out.
  • A long-lasting gloss and exquisite engravings throughout its body are the icing on the cake.
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9. Unique Peacock-Leaf Inspired Mugs

Peacock Leaf Silver Coffee Mug

“Oh no, another dull tea set,” SHHH! Do you believe we’ll suggest that to you? We are superior to it. Take a look at these Silver Mugs and see if you can alter your mind.

  • Exquisite peacock-leaf patterning on the handles and body.
  • It comes with elegant spoons that lend a touch of class.
  • Makes tea time more fun and barely allows the recipient to consider regifting them.

10. Crystal Bowls With Silver Tray

Crystal Bowls with Tray

Where is the standout piece? Oh, it’s right up there!We didn’t run out of words, believe us when we say that this collection of crystal bowls speaks for itself.

  • Iridescent crystal bowls with an enamelled silver cover – how luxurious could it get?
  • Without a doubt, an oval Silver Tray completes the arrangement.
  • Serving in these bowls works like a charm; your visitors will stop chatting and look at it, wishing they had obtained it from elsewhere as well.


Gifting is an apparent method to demonstrate thanks, but if you want to leave a lasting impact, think beyond the box.

Present handouts that will not only entertain and benefit your recipients, but will also serve as a model for all of your rivals.

So don’t be shocked if you wind up with an email full with thank you messages when everyone walks into the office or the delivered message arrives on your phone. After all, you deserve it – congratulations on making such a wise decision!

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