7 Unique Return Gifts For Naming Ceremony & Money-Saving Tips

Naamkaran or Naamkarana Sanskar is a prominent Hindu ritual, performed on the 12th day after a child is born. The naming ceremony is celebrated in different religions with different customs and different names. While it is Naamkaran in Hinduism, the same is known as Baptism in Christianity. The ceremony involves a gathering of friends and family, offering prayers, having a feast and giving return gifts for naming ceremony to the guests.

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In this blog, we’ll suggest one of the best return gifts for the naming ceremony. But, first let’s discuss the customs of a Namkaran ceremony, the importance of gifts and how to save money in the entire celebration.

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What Happens In A Naming Ceremony In The Hindu Culture?

It is believed in the Hindu culture, that in the initial days of when a baby is born, he/she is adjusting to the new environment and is more prone and vulnerable to the evil eye. Hence, to ensure that both the mother and the child remain safe and healthy, they are preferred to not visit a lot of people, specifically, anyone other than the close family. Due to this reason, all celebrations are postponed for 11 nights from the birth of the child.

On the 12th day, the naming ceremony of the baby is held. For some, it is a private ceremony while for others it can be a lavish affair. A lot of people hold the ceremony at their home, while some arrange it in a special banquet hall, temple, pandaal, etc.. Despite the place, an auspicious timing is set by the pandit ji to perform the ritual. The entire house is decorated and sanctified to make the surroundings more pure and auspicious. Along with the newborn, the parents also undergo a traditional bathing ceremony and wear new clothes.

The ceremony begins with a pooja/havan and prayers are offered for the baby’s health, happiness and long life. After the pandit ji draws out the baby’s horoscope, the mother or father whispers the baby’s name in his/her ear, which is then announced to the family members and other guests. The prasaad is offered and everyone blesses the baby and offers gifts to the newborn as well as to the parents. To bid a goodbye to the guests, the tradition of presenting return gifts for naming ceremony is carried out by the parents.

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Why Give Significance To Return Gifts For Naming Ceremony?

Welcoming a baby in the family is definitely a cause of joy and celebration. Talking about the Naamkaran ceremony, the event is celebrated to give the baby a name in the presence of his/her loved ones. In order to commemorate such a special day, return gifts for naming ceremony / Barasala Gifts is something one should give ample importance to.

As a naming ceremony involves guests of different age groups, the return gifts for them should be in accordance with their age groups as well. For example, a child of 12 years will have a very different taste than a woman in her 40’s. Handing out the same to the both of them might be a huge mistake. Hence, to make the process easier, take the average height of each age group and use it to categorise the Barasala Gifts.

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Since, the celebration marks the naming of the child, handing out personalised gifts with the child’s name on it can be a great return gift option.

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How To Save Money When Buying Return Gifts For Naming Ceremony?

Even if you hold a small gathering, you’ll still require a decent number of return gifts for them. Getting souvenirs from a small shop or retailer might cost you an arm and a leg. So, in order to save a good amount of money, you should buy the return gifts for naming ceremony in bulk, preferably from a wholesaler. This way, along with saving money, you can also avoid multiple trips to stores and save even more money and time.

For more reasonable costs, one can go for online shopping of the gifts. MeLANgE Gifts is a premium gifting brand that offers a wide range of luxurious, elegant gifts with enticing discounts on bulk orders. Moreover, you get free doorstep delivery of the gifts with aesthetically pleasing gift boxes, all without any extra charges.

What Are Some Good Return Gifts For Naming Ceremony?

As mentioned above, personalised gifts make for one of the most remarkable return gifts for naming ceremony. However, it should be kept in mind that the gifts are of good quality, elegant looking and have great utility as well. Getting all these things altogether can be an exotic case, but you don’t need to worry. We’ve accumulated a list of one of the most luxurious yet useful Gift Ideas For Naming Ceremony , ideal to give as return gifts.

1. 3-D Peacock Accent Jewellery Box

Peacock Design Sindoor Box

A good proportion of the guest’s list of a naming ceremony includes females. Therefore, a magnificent jewellery box can be the perfect return gift for ladies. This one has an intricate 3-D peacock on its lid, giving the trinket box a royal and classy look. The box is spacious enough to store a number of trinkets and accessories.

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2. Beaded Rim Silver Bowl Set


Taking a look at the traditional return gifts for naming ceremony, serveware has always been at the top. Giving a more lavish touch to the traditional gifting option, this is a silver-plated bowls set with beaded rims. The assortment comes with matching spoons, making it ideal for serving purposes. Moreover, this artefact has an anti-tarnish guarantee, giving it  a longer life.

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3. Vintage Flowers Ceramic Mug Set

Ceramic cups

Adorning a vintage aspect, the mugs have cute rose flower accents on the exteriors. Accompanied by a golden saucer plate and similar spoons, the mug set is ideal to be gifted to both kids and adults. An incomparable amalgamation of utility and splendour, this one makes for one of the best return gifts for naming ceremony in Hyderabad.

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4. Elephant Family Enamelled Photo Frame

Elephant Family Enamelled Photo Frame

Another age neutral gift idea, this enamelled photo frame can be the talk of the town. The souvenir has tiny elephant shaped patterns depicting an elephant family of a baby elephant and its parents. This can be gifted to both kids and adults and will be treasured by the recipient for long. To make the gift more personal, you can get it customised with a picture or the newborn’s name on it. In addition to that, this souvenir is one of the best Naming Ceremony Gifts Amazon.

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5. Enamelled Border Square Silver Tray

silver plated tray with food in background

A lot of people hand out personalised plates and trays with their child’s name engraved on it, as return gifts for naming ceremony. You can do the same but in a more voguish and sophisticated way. Present this silver-plated, enamelled tray to your guests with your baby’s name engraved on it and an aesthetic gift box that the recipient can reuse as well.

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6. Vintage Flowers Golden Basket

Vintage Floral Golden Basket with chocolates on a wooden platform.

 Bestowing a vintage as well as modish gleam, the golden basket acts as a multipurpose gift to give. While it can be used as a centrepiece to decorate the centre tables and dining tables, the artefact can also come handy to serve delicacies with grace. Moreover, one can gift it in various unique ways to different guests. For example, the basket can be filled with chocolates and candies when gifting it to a kid and with dry fruits when gifting to elders. For these reasons, this souvenir is one of the best selling return gifts for naming ceremony in Bangalore.

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7. Silver Plated Pooja Thali Set

Silver plated pooja thali set with deepak, bell and agarbatti stand.

A naamkaran ceremony is an immensely auspicious occasion, especially for the newborn and his parents. Make the occasion all the more holy with this dazzling Pooja Thali Set. The arrangement consists of an enticing round thali, om handle bell, an agarbatti stand and a deepak, all of which are silver-plated. In addition to that, this one can also be engraved with holy quotes that most people get engraved.

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All the gifts mentioned above come with an anti-tarnish guarantee to make the souvenirs memorable for longer years. Moreover, they can also be customised and personalised as per the buyer’s various preferences. While these artefacts are already elegant enough, they also come packed in designer gift boxes that can be personalised as well. On top of all these, you can get unbeatable discounts on bulk orders of these souvenirs. In case you still can’t decide what to get for return gifts for naming ceremony, our gifting experts are here to help you find gifts that fit your budget as well as requirements.

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