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7 Unique Upanayanam Gifts For Guests, Its Significance & Process!

Upanayanam is a very important sacred thread ceremony among the Brahmins, and is also sometimes performed by some Kshatriyas and Vaishya communities. Varying with community & religion, the ceremony is known by numerous terms such as Janai / Janea / Janeu ceremony, Poita / Paita, Yagnopavit Sanskar, etc.. In this blog, we’ll discuss the traditional Upanayanam Ceremony, its significance, process and 7 unique Upanayanam gifts for guests. Moreover, there are tips on the things that one should look for when purchasing a gift.

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What Is Upanayanam And Its Significance?

Upanayanam, now known as Upanayana Sanskaar, is a Hindu educational sacrament that is one of the traditional rites of passage that marks the acceptance of a student by a preceptor (guru or acharya). In simple words, the student, usually a boy, receives a sacred thread, known as janeu, which he must wear for the rest of his life. Some traditions consider the ceremony as a spiritual rebirth for the child as he starts a new life in the spiritual world when he goes through the brahmin thread ceremony. Hence, a Brahmin is also known as a Dwija: someone who’s born twice.

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The hindu sacred thread stands for the purity of thoughts, acts and words of the wearer, who is introduced to the concept of Brahmin and thus becomes certified to the way of life of a Brahmachari.

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What Happens In An Upanayanam Ceremony?

The Janeu Ceremony is performed between the ages of 7 and 24. After the selection of an auspicious day, the ritual takes place in a sacred space at home or temple. All the near and dear ones of the child are invited to the ceremony. The child takes a ritual bath and dresses in a traditional hindu attire (a dhoti and an upper garment like a kurta).

The hindu sacred thread, ‘yajnopavita’ or ‘upavit’ is prepared, which consists of 3 strands that symbolise the trinity of hindu deities- Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiva). Further, the priest sanctifies the thread through chanting of various vedic mantras. As the boy takes pledge or vow to lead a disciplined life, he commits to upholding the principles of his teacher and religion.

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After guiding the child through various ritual actions, including symbolic gestures and offerings to the sacred fire, the priest proceeds to tie the sacred thread. The thread goes around the boy’s left shoulder, running diagonally across the chest and under the right arm.

Being the central ritual of the Brahmin thread ceremony, the thread stays over the left shoulder for the rest of the boy’s life. The child is then instructed about the significance of the same and the responsibilities it carries. Subsequently, the boy offers a donation to the priest for the successful completion of the rite.

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Furthermore, the assembled guests, family members and friends offer their blessings to the young boy and have a celebratory feast, which is usually vegetarian. Lastly, to mark the important milestone in the child’s life and thank the guests for showering their love upon him, they are all acknowledged with Upanayanam return gifts.

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What Things To Look For When Choosing Upanayanam Gifts?

A gift is something that represents your class and taste, as well as your feelings and acknowledgment towards the recipient. Which is why, irrespective of the occasion, a gift should be something that speaks for its sophistication and is likely to be appreciated by the receiver as well.

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1. Utility

In some cases one might not be too aware of the recipient’s likings. In such instances, the selected present should be something that most people can put to use. Gifting a souvenir that looks just pretty to you may not be appealing to others. Hence, something that is useful wouldn’t be stashed away in a corner.

2. Elegance

Reading this, one might think that the chosen gift should be highly expensive. However, elegant gifts don’t always have to be super costly. Silver-plated gifts are the perfect example for the same. Possessing an impeccable gleam, these souvenirs are useful as well. The main intent behind handing out silver gift items for Upanayanam is to ensure that the gifts are as meaningful to the recipients as their presence is to you, without hampering the eliteness.

3. Quality

A lot of people have a perception that a souvenir that is highly priced will definitely be of good quality. It can be true for a number of things, but not always. While looking for the magnificence and utility, one should also pay heed to its durability and quality. The gifts mentioned below are of supreme quality and come with an anti-tarnish guarantee, making them all the more durable and premium.

4. Personalisation

To make the gifts more admirable, personalised gifts are perfect! Out of which, personalised Upanayanam Gifts can do wonders for the occasion. As they remind the recipient of the joyous day, the presents will also express your thoughtfulness. Moreover, they act as ideal gifts for guests with different age groups and preferences.

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What Are Some Unique Return Gift Ideas For Upanayanam?

As a way to show gratitude and thank the guests for gracing the child with their presence and blessings, return gifts for Upanayanam function have been a tradition since forever. So, to save you the hassle of visiting different stores, we’ve curated a list of 7 most praiseworthy return gifts for thread ceremony. These gifts are one of the finest and most premium gifts one will find out there and will surely elate the recipients.

1. Peacock Design Round Silver Tray

peacock leaves round bowl

Flaunting an intricate design of peacock leaves on the borders, this round shaped silver-plated tray can make for one of the most admirable silver gifts for Upanayanam. As shown in the picture, it can be filled with dry fruits and other delicacies and presented to the guests. The lavishly ornate serveware can be used as a centrepiece as well.

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2. Duck Shaped Bowls Set

Duck shaped bowl & tray set on a table

Another utility gifting option, this souvenir can gain you a lot of compliments when gifted to your near and dear ones. The glossy finish of the silver-plated artefact makes it ideal for modish type of ambiences. Moreover, the bowls are sturdy and come with an anti-tarnish guarantee. Hence, keeping the souvenir durable and memorable for long.

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3. Ribbed Texture Silver Photo Frame

Ribbed Texture Silver Photo Frame

A Janeu ceremony is a memorable event for the child as well as his affectionate ones. As the day marks the realisation of many responsibilities, it also creates new, happy memories. To keep these memories treasured in a physical remembrance, this contemporary style picture frame is an ideal gift. The present can be customised by placing a picture of the child or by engraving the child’s name, initials or other such things.

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4. Silver Plated Pooja Articles

Silver plated pooja thali set with deepak, bell and agarbatti stand.

Being one of the most important and auspicious rites in a Brahmin’s life, a Yagnopavit Sanskar calls for equally sacred gifts. Therefore, these silver-plated pooja articles act as the best Upanayanam silver set for gifting. Although the entire set contains a round silver-plated thali, an Om bell, an agarbatti holder and a deepak, the articles can be bought separately as well.

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5. Flowers Enamelled Glasses Set

Flowers Enamelled Glasses Set

Crafted with the finest glass, this magnificent glasses set comes with matching silver-plated spoons to help stir the drinks. The serveware comes with an easy-to-grip yet elegant stem that showcases a classy silver design. Moreover, the souvenir is great to be used by both the adults and the kids.

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6. Golden Ceramic Basket With Flowers

Vintage Floral Golden Basket with chocolates on a wooden platform.

Portraying an immaculate fusion of vintage and modish designs, this golden basket can be the star of the show. The basket accommodates a spacious ceramic bowl to hold delicacies like sweets, candies, chocolates, dry fruits, fruits, etc.. Moreover, it can also add a touch of class to one’s coffee tables and dining tables as a sophisticated centrepiece.

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7. Rose Gold Rectangle Box

Even if it’s a 8 year old kid or a woman in her 40s, a storage box can be the perfect gift for everyone. This ergonomic box adorns a classy, rose gold coloured body that has an exceptional gleam. Moreover, the artefact has several compartments to help organise the items more easily. Being a multi-purpose box, this one can be used as a trinket box for vanity tables and a dry fruit box for the kitchen as well. Hence, making for one of the best Upanayanam Gift Ideas.

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As mentioned, all these artefacts have high utility and supreme quality. Moreover, they come packed in aesthetically pleasing gift boxes that can be reused as well. Apart from that, these souvenirs can be customised and personalised as per various preferences of the buyer. To explore more exquisite and luxurious gifts, get in touch with our gifting experts who’ll help you pick out the most appropriate gift that fits your budget as well as the requirements.

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