Unique Gifts For Bride

7 Unique Wedding Gifts For Bride That Will Steal Her Heart

You don’t have to lose your sleep over choosing wedding gifts for bride! Of course, you choose something after giving due thoughts & care.

And so, you give them the present with the expectation that they’ll love it too. But, today brides have become more particular with every small detail around them. And so, you’ll have to be a lot more thoughtful while choosing the gifts for them. And not only the gifts have something that your bride will love, but it should also be something that is appropriate to be given on the wedding day.

But it only takes a little thought in deciding how is the personality of your bride & what it is that your bride loves and your gift will, certainly, be cherished by her. Here are 7 gifts that you cannot go wrong with and your bride will feel special after receiving it:

1. Jewellery Box

Jewellery & Brides are inseparable. “I have enough jewellery” said no bride ever. And, brides’ get a lot of precious jewellery from her parents & in-laws as gifts. So, a striking silver-plated jewellery box would be just the perfect gift for a bride. Not only would it help her store her valuables safely, it would also enhance the decor of her space’s dressing situation. Help the bride stay organised with this aesthetic yet practical gift for brides, this season!

2. Bowl Sets

No, no! We haven’t come up with the cliche’ option of crockeries & cookware sets. But, you’ll miss out on some amazing gifts if you do not check out the home & kitchen wares in ceramics, glass & silver available on the internet today. 

Kitchen wares are all the rage & it is worth it. From classic dinner wares to the quirky ones, they are all the rage, and there is something for everyone. You can choose based on what your bride loves. The market is full of beautiful kitchen wares of various materials like glass, ceramics, precious metals.

3. Silver Platters

Hear us out! Want something unique to show your love yet want it to be something that she loves? Get a gift customised with her name’s initials or her wedding date or the name of newlyweds and she’ll be head over heels in love with your gifts. Get a pair of champagne glasses etched, or get the portrait of couples engraved on a wooden plank and it would be a memorable gift for a lifetime. And the bride will cherish it forever.

4. Trinket Box

Peacock Accent Jewellery Box

Weddings symbolise new beginnings. And, a sindoor box will not just be a perfect gift but will aptly signify the moment., but will also serve as a heartwarming reminder for the bride of her wedding day. Additionally, a beautiful sindoor box will also beautify the space wherever it is kept.

5. Fruit Basket


Moveover the same old boring options. The world is full of quirky & trending appliances that the bride will enjoy in the initial days. It will not only help her to settle into the new life but also help her to enjoy it. Coffee makers, waffle makers, etc. are only to name a few that have got the world to swoon over it. Channel the inner chef in your bride with trending appliances. A french press will be a perfect gift to kick start her day with a jolt of energy.

6. Crystal Glass Sets

Wine glasses

Go into flashback and think about a time when you didn’t buy a dress that you wanted to. And now, think of a memory when you didn’t take a trip? Looking back, what do you miss now? You don’t even need a second thought to come up with an answer. We all miss experiences & not stuff. Gift an experience to your loving bride, be it your daughter, friend, or sister and make the beginning of her new phase of life memorable for a lifetime. You will get a ton of options from off-beat ideas to some popular experience ideas online. Couple Spa Day+ Fine Dining, Weekend Getaway, etc., are to name a few.

7. Silver Tray

Yes, we know this is an unusual gift for a wedding but trust me, if your bride is soft-hearted & caring, she’ll love it more than everything else. Also, pair your plant with amazing planters available online and in-stores and the guests will not stop praising you for your thoughtful wedding gift. Moreover, the bride would love to be a plant mom, and would enjoy taking care of her plants. And, the plants are a great addition to decor for any home & space.

What to gift a friend on her wedding India?

You’re here hunting the perfect gifts for your friend who is the soon-to-be-bride and you’re left confused with what to gift! It’s you who has been with her through thick and thin and so, no one can know her likes & dislikes more than you. 

But we get you- Even though you know her more than anyone else, you could be clueless while finding that perfect gift for your friend. In the quest for finding the perfect gift, there will be times when you’ll feel confused. After all, your gift will not only be the token of your love and care but will be an appreciation for her new journey as a newlywed. So, your gift has to be different and something that she’ll love for the person she is. 

Leave the conventional ideas like items of everyday use, appliances, crockery sets, home decor accents for others. Every other person in India thinks of gifting these in weddings in India. Wedding gift for a bride from a friend has to be something different and as per her taste & preferences. Have a quick look over the following wedding gifts option you cannot go wrong with. Moreover, these options are perfect as wedding gifts for bride from a friend no matter which part of the world you are in.

Gift the bride an amazing gift this wedding season and make her heart sing and eyes smile!

  1. Customized Hampers/ Assortments
  2. Throw a Bachelorette
  3. Designer Handbags
  4. Fine Silver Jewelry
  5. Classic Perfumes
  6. Candles
  7. Couple Spa Day
  8. Gift Card

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