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8 Classy Holi Corporate Gifts That Work Wonders For Businesses

Being one of the most prominent and widely famous Hindu festivals all over the world, Holi needs no introduction. Known as the festival of colours, it is a vibrant and joyous festival celebrated enthusiastically in India and other parts of the world. Being done with all the rituals and customs of the festivity, people exchange gifts with their loved ones. While it is not that difficult to find gifts for our friends and family members, looking for appropriate Holi Corporate Gifts can be a herculean task.

Being sceptical of going through the trouble of finding the same, a lot of people often skip giving gifts on the big occasion. Which is a big NO for every business and company. Want to know why? Then, keep reading this blog where we’ll enlighten you about the same and give tips on the type of gifts you should go for.

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What Is The Need For Holi Corporate Gifts?

Coming next to Diwali, Holi is the second most popular and grandest festival of India. As important it is to show your brand’s sophistication and goodwill on Diwali, so is on Holi. Letting this big opportunity to strengthen relationships slide can cost you a lot more than just a few bucks. The following points emphasise on why it is essential for every business to give Holi Corporate Gifts:

1. Enhancing Relationships

Grand festivals like Holi offer great opportunities for businesses to strengthen professional relationships with their clients, partners and customers. Handing out gifts lets them know that they are valued and appreciated by the company and its people.

2. Promoting Goodwill

It is said that when your customers and clients have just recently connected to you, every move you make is watched closely by them and is bound to affect their perception of your company. Hence, giving gifts can contribute to building a positive and considerable brand image and goodwill in the recipient’s eyes.

3. Celebrating Diversity And Inclusion

As Holi is a widely celebrated festival in India and some other countries, it brings people together irrespective of their backgrounds. Therefore, gifting can be a great way for companies to demonstrate their inclusivity and embrace the cultural diversity of their employees and clients.

4. Marketing And Branding

As Holi is a widely celebrated festival in India and some other countries, it brings people together irrespective of their backgrounds. Therefore, gifting can be a great way for companies to demonstrate their inclusivity and embrace the cultural diversity of their employees and clients.

5. Networking Opportunities

Festive gatherings and events provide an advantageous environment for networking. Offering presents during these occasions can facilitate meaningful conversations and connections with potential clients, partners or collaborators.

6. Employee Morale And Participation

A company’s employees are considered as its assets as they are the ones who help carry out all the major and minor tasks. Handing out gifts to employees during festivities like Holi is an excellent way to uplift employee morale, engagement and loyalty. In addition to that, it also helps in recognising their efforts and dedication and enhances their job satisfaction and enthusiasm.

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What Makes For The Best Holi Corporate Gifts?

As we discussed, everything the company and its people do, represents the brand image and goodwill. Hence, anything chosen as corporate gifts should be elegant and durable and not something that has an awful appearance or is likely to be worn off quickly. Therefore, Silver-Plated gifts prove to be the ideal corporate gifts for occasions like Holi.

Silver-Plated Gifts have an aesthetic appeal and are attractive to the recipients. Not to mention, they possess an impeccable gleam that speaks for their elegance. In addition to that, they also prove to be valuable keepsakes due to their long-lasting ability and durability. This way, the recipient can cherish and use them for years and have a constant reminder of the giver.

Silver Plated Tray With Bowls Filled With Dry Fruits

Moreover, silver-plated holi corporate gifts are versatile and come in various forms such as decorative items, jewellery, utensils and accessories. This allows companies to choose gifts that suit the preferences and needs of distinct recipients.

Another plus point of getting silver-plated gifts for clients and employees is that they can easily be customised and personalised with names, logos or special messages. Giving a personal touch, it makes the gift more unique and meaningful.

The best part about these souvenirs is that they have a higher perceived value than any other type of gift. Being a luxurious gifting option, they leave a positive impression on the recipients and enhance the company’s image, eventually.

8 Praiseworthy Holi Corporate Gift Ideas That Work Wonders:

1. Leather Finished Accessory Set

Wooden Finished Accessory Set With Pen, Keyring AndClip

For professional gifting, this accessory set turns out to be one of MeLANgE’s bestsellers. Consisting of an elegant, leather finished pen, paper clip and key ring, the assortment comes in an exquisite gift box. Both, the box and the articles can be personalised with the brand name, logo or messages.

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2. Car Mobile And Card Holder

Silver Car Mobile Holder And Card Holder

Seeing the world getting more involved digitally, mobile holders are becoming the new corporate gifting sensation. This one is all the more stylish and ergonomic as it has a 3-D scooter as the mobile stand. Either it is to watch something with a better view or to read out notifications without having to pick up the phone, this one works just perfect! Moreover, the artefact is silver-plated, which makes it all the more classy and elite.

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3. Silver Classy Table Frame

Ribbed Texture Silver Photo Frame

A lot of people hand out photo frames as Holi Corporate Gifts. But, this one is much more luxurious and unique. The ribbed texture border comes in a silver-plating that can be engraved with the company’s name or logo. Moreover, one can get personalised pictures inside the frame, as well.

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4. Vintage Mug Set

For those long meetings and conferences, these mug sets come handy. The vintage flowers add to the regal finish of the ceramic mugs. Additionally, the drinkware comes with matching golden saucers and spoons. Hence, making up for one of the most useful and admirable corporate gifting options.

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5. Silver Peacock Pen Stand

Silver Peacock Pen Stand

Unlike most of the pen stands that are mundane and boring, this silver-plated pen stand is one of its kind. Adorning an enticing 3-D peacock on its base, the pen stand displays a modish and elegant physique. Coming with an anti-tarnish guarantee, the artefact is also a durable and long-lasting present. Plus, the souvenir will also act as a decor accent along with being useful to keep pens.

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6. Crystal Wine Glasses

Wine glasses

One of the most luxurious and sophisticated options for Holi Corporate Gifts, this Crystal Wine Glasses Set is something that everyone would find appealing. Having a magnificent stem of crystals, the wine glass has a sturdy base. To ensure that your clientele knows how much you value them, this one is just the best thing to go for. Along with that, it also helps you represent your brand image in a much more classy way.

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9. Crystal Centerpiece

Rotary Bowl

A mesmerising embodiment of one of the finest craftsmanship, this dazzling centrepiece is all you need to enhance your goodwill and relationships. The spacious bowl is made up of top-quality crystal and rests atop a rotating crystal globe. Provided by a sturdy silver-plated base, the artefact is ideal for home decoration and serving purposes, as well.

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10. Silver Dry Fruit Box

Compartmentalized Multipurpose Silver Box

 Making for an immensely thoughtful and useful gift, this silver-plated storage box is a multi-purpose artefact. From keeping trinkets and accessories to using it as a dry fruit box, this one can be used in various ways. Moreover, the sheer lustre of the box makes it all the more sophisticated and appealing. Having detachable compartments inside, the souvenir can be personalised as well.

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These were some of the most admirable and scrumptious Holi corporate gifts that will surely boost the company’s goodwill and relationships with employees and clients. To make the process of gifting easier for you, these alluring artefacts come packed in reusable, designer gift boxes. Along with that, you get FREE delivery of these at your doorstep.

Get in touch with our gifting experts to find the perfect gift for your clientele, employees or customers, that not just fulfils the requirements but also fits your budget.

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