9 Best Wedding Return Gifts For Ladies To Make Them Smile!

Clink, Clink, the wedding season is here! And, so is the hassle of making hundreds of arrangements in the best possible way. Speaking of which, choosing wedding return gifts for ladies tops the list of the “Most Complicated Tasks At A Wedding”. Well, selecting gifts for females itself is a daunting task. Add the prospects of a wedding to it and voila! You have another headache to find the painkiller for. Also, we don’t want anyone to leave the function venue with an unpleasant frown on their forehead. Which, to be honest, has good chances of happening at an Indian celebration. 

Now, that’s why they say that planning a wedding is not a piece of cake. But again, that’s also what we are here for- to save you from getting the said headache. We’ve brought such wedding return gifts for ladies that’ll make them ask you “Where did you get such an amazing present from?”. Plus, there’s an additional surprise for you, at the end. Keep reading to find out! *winks*

What Do Ladies Prefer As Gifts?

To make the presents memorable for the recipient, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is the type of things that interest them. While opening gifts after festivals and celebrations, we’ve all heard our moms say, “Yeh hamare kis kaam ka!”. Which means that ladies always prefer things as gifts that can be useful to them in some way. You see, no one would wish to receive something that’s just stashed up in a corner with other useless things. This takes us to the conclusion that ladies return gifts can be perfect only when pretty meets practicality. So, without any further ado, let’s introduce you to the most preferable ladies return gift ideas. 

1. Jewellery Box:

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Well, wasn’t this one obvious? Most of the females in the world are obsessed with jewellery, accessories and other such things. Even as kids, they love to play with their mother’s makeup essentials. They surely need a place to keep them all together and safe from the possibility of going missing. Fix this problem for them by handing out enticing jewellery boxes like the one shown here that also act as showpieces. 

2. Sugar Pots:

Just like their love for makeup and jewellery, a major portion of the women strength of the world love cooking and kitchen. This develops a soft corner in their hearts for gifts that can be used in the kitchen. Talk about this crystal sugar pot that can be used to keep a number of condiments apart from just sugar. Since, it’s not just a usual metal sugar pot, it also makes for a luxurious and appealing present.

3. Wine Glass:

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Gone are the days of choosing tea cup sets as return gifts. With the changing trends and aesthetics, you need to level up your gifting game, too. By getting this crystal wine glass set as one of the ladies return gifts, you’ll be giving them more than just a memory. As these wine glasses will make an appearance while celebrating happy moments and achievements, they’ll be thinking of you. A win-win situation for both, right?

4. Photo Frames:

Who’s the one to remember special dates and moments all the time? The female of the species, of course! To lessen their burden of keeping in mind all the special times, present such divine picture frames to them. Moreover, photo frames have been the go-to option for gifts, when nothing comes to mind. However, these picture frames are nothing like the vintage ones. With the dazzling appearance, they protrude elegance and luxury.

5. Candle Holders:

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The liking for fragrant candles has more inclination towards women than men. Hence, t-light holders or candle holders stand out from all the wedding return gifts for ladies. Not only are they something different from the usuals but they also reflect that the gift has been chosen with thoughtfulness. In addition to that, these candle holders are reusable as well as durable. Now, that’s the pick of the bunch!

6. Pooja Items:

It’s a fact that females, in comparison to males, are more religiously active. Which is why they tend to have a soft spot for religious articles and presents. This Silver-Plated Pooja Thali Set consists of an Om Pooja Bell, a Pooja Thali, an Agarbatti Stand and a Deepak with handle. Since, the set comprises all the essentials required for day-today Pooja rituals, it makes for the ideal wedding favour for ladies.

7. Platters Or Trays:

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Serveware has been in the gifting trend for a long time. BUT… since, we’re not here to suggest you boring gift ideas, these platters and trays are in for a luxurious game. Having a silver-plated body, these artefacts give a lustrous look as an epitome of sophistication. Moreover, they are completely lacquered and have an anti-tarnish guarantee which makes them durable. 

8. Bowls:

Again, a traditional gifting option but with a slight twist. Just like the platters and trays, these bowls are also silver-plated with anti-tarnish guarantee. This, again, concludes that the serveware will shine like a diamond even after being used for long.The ones larger in size can also be used as a centrepiece or a home decor element. Not only the ladies, but all the members of their families will cherish this souvenir for as long as they can. 

9. Flower Vase:

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A lot of women have a passion for decorating their place or room like an artwork. They’d literally go searching for home decor ideas and put on display a combination of their creativity and hard work. However, having such splendid flower vases at home will leave no room to look at any other home decor element. Pairing these vases with an artificial bouquet of flowers will just add cherry on top. Now, that’s what we call the perfect gift for ladies!

Which Gifts Are The Best For Married Women?

The above mentioned ladies return gift ideas are not subjected to the marital status of the recipient. However, the preferable presents for women can differ if they’re married. They’d probably like something that can be used or appreciated by not just themselves but also by other members of their families. Finding gift ideas like that might seem difficult. But, you don’t need to worry about that. Here comes the surprise we were talking about, earlier. Presented below are some of the best wedding return gift ideas for married women. Don’t leave without checking them out. Who knows? Maybe you’ll like something out of those ideas for yourself or someone you think might like them.

1. Gift Vouchers: 

This is probably every woman’s favourite gift to receive. A gift voucher allows the recipient to purchase whatever they like, want or need for themselves. You’ll get a number of gift vouchers online such as Amazon gift cards and more. 

2. Aroma Candles:

To keep their home fragrant and well-adorned at all times is the one rule every married woman wishes to abide by. Gifting aroma candles to a married woman will put up a smile on her face as soon as she opens it.

3. Customised Presents:

Customised gifts are everyone’s favourite, female or not! As they give the present a more personal and emotional touch, they also make the occasion memorable and imprint in the recipient’s heart forever. It can be anything from a mug to a name plate, whatever way it is feasible for you.

4. Jewellery Sets:

As compared to a bachelorette, a married woman is more keen and thrilled to try new and different types of jewellery and accessories. Presenting jewellery sets can make for a memorable and useful present for ladies.

5. Organisers:

Women get so serious about stuff lying here and there. Gifting them an organiser will act as a literal blessing to them. Depending upon your budget and utility, there can be a wide variety of organisers to offer. Be it a clothing organiser or a trinkets one, any and every woman will find it useful and will be dear to her. You know, nothing like an organiser that helps you declutter stuff from here and there.

And, this is where it ends! These were a few wedding return gifts for ladies that we could arrange for you. We hope you got what you came here for ‘cause we tried our best to do so. And our heartiest congratulations to whoever is getting married around you! Check out other blogs for gift suggestions such as wedding return gifts for relatives and more. For more gifting ideas for other occasions or for further details about our range, talk to our gifting experts now.

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