9 Elegant & Luxury Silver Plated Gifts India

India is widely known for its grand and extravagant celebrations. Be it a wedding celebration or a festival, everything is imperious and loud. Such top-notch celebrations call for equally classy gifts. Talking about classy gifts, a lot of people pick out the most expensive gift that fits their budget and give it to others. However, it is important to understand that the price of the gift is just a feature of luxury gifts and not the main factor to look for.

A luxurious gift is not just expensive but also has an appealing and magnificent appearance. Moreover, the present should also be something that can be put to use and not just keep it stashed in a corner. Hence, we’ve curated a collection of Luxury Silver Plated Gifts India to upgrade your gifting game at weddings and festivities.

These souvenirs are silver-plated artefacts with precious stones like Rose Quartz and Amethyst embedded in them. Not only do they represent one’s elite taste and elegance, but also prove to be highly praiseworthy by the recipient.

9 Elegant & Luxury Silver Plated Gifts India:

While weddings and festivities are one of the most common events to offer gifts on, people also give gifts to show appreciation or gratitude, celebrate personal or professional achievements and as a token of love, without any specific reason. The gifts suggested below are ideal to be presented in all such instances. Read on to find out the best luxury silver plated gifts.

1. Flower Bowl On Rose Quartz

Flower Bowl On Rose Quartz

Dimensions: 7 X 3.5 inches

Adorning a splendid creation of floral cut work, the silver-plated bowl sits on top of a sturdy rose quartz pedestal. Rose Quartz is one of the most precious stones and possesses both emotional and physical healing qualities. Moreover, the pink coloured crystal and the dazzling sheen of the bowl makes it an admirable centrepiece, as well. When not used as a home decor, this one can also be used to serve delicacies to your guests.

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2. Lord Ganesha With Flute Statue

Lord Ganesha With Flute Statue

Dimensions: 28 X 22 cm

Any new beginning and celebration is incomplete without offering prayers to Lord Ganesha. Not only that, every auspicious ritual in Hindu religion commences with the prayer of Lord Ganesha. Therefore, gifting a luxurious Lord Ganesha Statue is immensely auspicious on occasions such as weddings, birthdays, etc.. To add to the lavishness, the statue has silver coating over it, resting atop a marble base, making it one of the best luxury silver plated gifts India.

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3. Regal Three Galloping Horses Showpiece

Regal Galloping Horses Showpiece

Dimensions: 31 X 14 cm

Placing a painting of running horses in a room is something we’ve all heard of to bring positivity and good fortune. Similarly, a silver-plated galloping horse showpiece might do wonders for your loved ones. This one also makes for one of the best luxury silver plated gifts India to give on events celebrating achievements and new beginnings.

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4. Intricately Designed Elephant Statue Pair

Intricately Designed Elephant Statue Pair

Dimensions: 38 X 25 cm

Another exquisite creation, this artefact is ideal to be gifted to someone who appreciates artistry, attention to detail and exclusivity. The dazzling silver-coating on the plain black bodies of the elephants makes it an elegant piece of work. Sitting atop a rose quartz base, this statue is a praiseworthy home decor element.

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5. Rose Quartz Bowl With Perched Bird

Rose Quartz Bowl With Perched Bird:

Dimensions: 18 X 12 cm

Having a body made of the precious rose quartz stone, this spacious bowl is supported by a sturdy golden finished pedestal. The bowl has a 3-D bird accent, making it an eye pleasing centrepiece to embellish coffee tables and dining tables. In addition to that, it can also be used to serve dry delicacies to guests. Receiving this artefact, the recipient would be grateful to you.

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6. Lakshmi And Ganesha T-Light Holder

Lakshmi Ganesh T-Light Holder

Dimensions: 4 X 3.5 inches

Bestowing an eccentric yet enticing combination of pink, rose quartz stone and silver plated cut outs, the Lakshmi-Ganesh Candle Holders make for a commendable gift on every occasion. With the auspiciousness of Lord Ganesha & Goddess Lakshmi, the t-light holders can fit usual tea lights and be used for home temples as well. The rose quartz is also believed to bring in love and positivity and strengthen bonds. Hence, making for one of the best luxury silver plated gifts India.

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7. Lord Shrinath On Amethyst

Lord Shrinath On Amethyst

Dimensions: 4 X 4 X 5 inches

Another home decor element, this scrumptious tea-light holder has a base made of the exquisite Amethyst stone. Amethyst is believed to be beneficial in relieving stress, anger, anxiety and other physical and mental issues. Similarly, Lord Shrinath Ji is a 7-year-old child avatar of Lord Krishna and is said to help achieve spiritual upliftment and peace of mind. Therefore, this useful artefact will be loved by the recipient for years to come.

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8. Pebble Bowl Set On Pyramid Base

Pebble bowl set on pyramid base

Dimensions: 5 X 3.5 inches

The pebble bowl set is a modish serveware ideal to serve dry delicacies like dry fruits, candies, sweets, etc.. The honeycomb patterned exteriors give the bowls an easy-to-grip texture, while the 3-D rose quartz buds add a splash of magnificence to them. Supported by a robust rose quartz base, the bowls can also come handy for serving purposes. Being a commendable fusion of beauty and functionality, the artefacts are one of the most luxury silver plated gifts India.

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9. Vakratunda Mantra T-Light Holder On Rose Quartz

Vakratunda Mantra T-Light Holder On Rose Quartz

Dimensions: 4.5 X 3.5 X 3.5 inches

The eminent Vakratunda Mahakaya Mantra describes Lord Ganesha having a curved trunk, a huge body, and the splendour of a million suns. Lord Ganesha is also known as Vighnaharta, which means that he removes all the obstacles from our lives and this mantra is one of the most loved prayers of Lord Ganesha himself. Gifting this precious rose quartz tealight holder that has a silver-plated cover with Vakratunda Mantra carved on it will bring in positivity and good fortune in your affectionate ones’ lives.

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These 9 luxury souvenirs ideas are among the best luxury silver plated gifts India. The opulence and magnificence of these artefacts will let your near and dear ones know how much they mean to you and that you chose the best for them. MeLANgE Gifts has more such lavish and elegant gifts with free aesthetic gift boxes. To find out a desirable gift that fulfils all your requirements and falls under your budget, talk to our gifting experts. In addition to that, you also get ready bulk stocks of Luxury Silver Plated Gifts wholesale at MeLANgE Gifts.

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