A Collection of best corporate diwali gifts

A Collection of Best Corporate Diwali Gifts You Could Find

Diwali’s here & it’s safe to assume that you haven’t found the best corporate Diwali gifts 2023 yet. After all, a lot of people within your professional radar are keeping their hopes high. They are keen to know what’s in store for them. The buzz is already on and you are rummaging for the best corporate diwali gifts, good enough to save the day.

At this point, nothing bothers you more than setting the right image. Like, what’s the point in handing over the present when all they are compelled to think of is, 

“Hm, nice. So this is the best you could do? Great.”

We’re sure you love sarcasm but don’t want this coming your way. NOT AT ALL! 

It’s great that you have a knack for getting something right – but merely wanting it isn’t enough.

How are you going wrong with Best Corporate Gifts for Diwali?

Sometimes, things are quite clear but we choose to stay in denial for our best interests. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way in corporate.

Say you are going to browse from Best corporate diwali gifts online & have a budget cap. Your priority would now be sticking to the budget at all costs while ensuring the quality of presents is supreme.

Here’s the cycle you go through for wanting the best – 

  • Lack of good options in desired budget
  • Settling with something “better” than everything else
  • Finding that there is not enough quantity of your choice
  • Packaging crisis
  • Never-ending delivery issues
  • Confronting pale smiles & awkward stares 

And this repeats itself another year too.

Furthermore, you’ll be shocked to know how most of the efforts that you make aren’t reciprocated the right way.  According to a survey conducted by Alyce, most of the people receiving best corporate diwali gifts are disappointed.  

“88.7% of the respondents would exchange a corporate gift for something more suited to their interests, and 48.3% of them would prefer to do it anonymously.”

Just imagine – how embarrassing would it be if you become one of those companies that never go an extra mile to keep their staff or clients happy?

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Break The Mundane Pattern – Embrace Unique Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas

Everyone appreciates a little courtesy – and it’s the season to reward your professional connections with sweet surprises! 

If you are thinking of those monotonous printed mugs, pillows, bed sheet sets, dry-fruit boxes or worse – clocks, then strike them out. Literally. They just make an unending list of items that people hoard or shove it to someone else.

Your funds are too precious to be wasted on these generic items alone. It’s time to choose corporate Diwali gifts for clients that will win their heart away while making your efforts worthy.

With MeLANgE’s thoughtfully curated unique gifting collection, you can simply change the whole cycle – 

  • Plethora of options to choose from
  • Gifting assistance for picking the best
  • Ready stocks of your favorite item
  • Elegant & durable packaging for free
  • Prompt delivery (also applies for multiple locations in single order)
  • Rejoicing compliments that’ll follow!
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Corporate Diwali Gifts for Employees

Your staff works diligently round the clock to accomplish company goals. When it’s Deepawali, they await their hard work being paid off, through decent incentives & gifts that you are about to provide. 

What do you exactly think about Corporate Diwali gift ideas for employees that they would or would not appreciate? Are you okay being frowned upon behind your back? Certainly not. 

Apart from preventing damage to your respect, also ensure they are more than satisfied with what they receive.

From our medley of products that include Fluted Silver bowls, Scooter Mobile Stand, Shell Design Platter, Peacock Leaf Silver Mugs, Intricate Border Silver Platter among many others, you can be one step closer towards motivating your employees & making them love your choice.

Corporate Diwali Gift For Clients

Nobody made it a thumb rule when it comes to gifting clients, but it represents a good gesture. It duly counts in nurturing the professional relationship that you have with them. 

If you just do away thinking it would have some impact on them, you’re wrong. In this case, you need to step beyond the ordinary – present them with something that reminds them of your company or brand. 

It’s obvious that your clients get more lucrative offers from other companies & they hold on to you for the reasons they consider best. A slight negligence may result in them re-evaluating the whole relationship, making them ready to shift. 

But don’t fret as some great corporate Diwali gift ideas for clients are here to ensure your company gets etched in the minds of your clients.

Spotted- A Striking Assortment Of Best Corporate Diwali Gifts

Phone Stand

Scooter Silver Mobile Stand

  • A table essential that has a scooter miniature as its accent
  • A lightweight yet sturdy item makes it popular as corporate Diwali gift ideas.
  • Lacquered Silver Plating with subtle elegance
  • Goes Well with the mordern office setting
  • Will make for a statement piece on the table
Ridged Design Silver Photo Frame

Modern Texture Silver Photo Frame

  • Classic design that oozes utter sophistication 
  • Adorns any table-top with grace
  • The magnificent shimmer that stands out 
  • Awe-striking durability
  • Conveniently lightweight
  • An enchanting display of your precious memories
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Office Accessory Set 3-in-1

Office Accessory Set 3-in-1

  • This set consists of a sturdy pen, a pretty home shaped key-chain and a money/paper clip
  • A mind-blowing and elegant combination of silver and wooden texture
  • This high-end polished accessory is one of the the best corporate Diwali gifts.
  • The accessories excellently complements the office outfits
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Silver Airplane Paperweight

  • A cute paperweight in the shape of an airplane to keep the papers in place.
  • It amps up the overall look of the tabletop as a desktop accessory.
  • It would make for a noticeable piece on the table.
  • Gift this as one of the best gifts for Diwali to corporates and amaze them.
an oval shaped beautiful photo frame with photo requirements of 4 into 6 inches

Oval Silver Photo Frame

  • It has an artistic shape & aesthetic beauty
  • Its uncommon refined shape looks really enticing
  • Lightweight yet exuding extraordinary durability
  • One can easily change photos
  • An elegant gift of remebrance
a set of 3 duck shaped silver bowls kept next to each other on a silver tray

Duck Shaped Silver Bowls

  • Featuring lovely design, these bowls give dry fruits, candies, chocolates a fabulous display. 
  • The duck shape catches the whimsy of the onlooker.
  • They will look enticing kept in any dining table setting.
  • One of the most sought after corporate Diwali gifts for clients.
Peacock Pen Stand

Peacock Pen Holder

  • No desktop setting is complete without a pen holder, especially like this one.
  • You can even get it personalized by embossing your company logo or the receiver’s initials on it.
  • The vibrant hues of the peacock light up the mood.
  • It looks chic place on the office table.
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Peacock border silver tray

Peacock Border Silver Tray

  • Transforming the sweets gifting and presentation, here comes this tray as one of the best multi-purpose handouts.
  • Its unique design is an absolute catch.
  • The peacock leaf motif on the border accentuates its appearance.
  • It bears an ideal depth to hold an ample amount of sweets and dry fruits.
Ceramic Flower Gold Tea Cup

Rose Ceramic Mug Set

  • This set lends high-end appeal to even the most basic brews and favorite blends.
  • It carries the calming hues of pink and cream, accentuated by the spophistication of golden color.
  • It makes the simplest of beverages really sumptuous.
  • It will add more charm to the tea wagon.
  • An out-of-the-box gift for a remarkable impression.
Banana Leaf Gold Platter

Banana Golden Leaf Platter

  • This Banana Leaf Silver Plate will help the receiver savor life’s heavenly surprises in style.
  • With an exotic leaf shape brought to life, it gives any setting a sumptuous style.
  • The platter renders its contents an irresistible charm.
  • When gifted it will leave the receiver in awe.
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peacock leaf motif silver bowl with designer legs and fluted façade

Square Wire Motif Silver Bowl

  • Whether you want to own it or gift it, this makes a style-forward pick.
  • Its ingenious design will get the receiver raving about your taste in gifts.
  • It is crafted with diligence to attain perfection.
  • Heavenly magnificence combined with praiseworthy durability.
an elegant silver plated bowl with flower motif body, durable legs & chic handles

Oval Cutwork Flower Silver Basket

  • The elegant design of this silver basket makes it an attention seeker.
  • Serve fruits in it or keep it as a centerpiece on the dining table. 
  • Its designer legs add more grace to its looks.
  • It can hold substantial weight with ease.
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Crystal Bowls with Tray

Crystal Bowls with Silver Tray

  • These sassy crystal bowls make a statement gift.
  • The see-through crystal appeal of the bowls is ideal to display candies, dry fruits, chocolates, and other delicacies.
  • Pick it as a gift to garner compliments from your employees and clients.
  • It bears  a class-apart shimmer & lustrous beauty.

Oval Unique Ceramic Flower Basket

  • This extremely charming basket gives a soulful touch to hosting with its distinctive designing.
  • Gift it to your business clients to impress them.
  • It speaks volumes about the gifter’s refined taste with its stately charm.
  • It amplifies the aesthetics of surroundings.
  • As a gift, it deviates from mediocrity with finesse.
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Enticing Corporate Gifts On Diwali To Clients

Silver Box On Wood With Butterfly On The Diagonals With A Photo Frame On Cover

Butterfly Silver Box On Wood

  • Add a dash of splendor to the dry-fruits as you gift them to your clients in this box.
  • With a gorgeous butterflies and photo frame adorning its top, this is one of the top picks.
  • It has a distinctive design with an added bliss of simplicity.
  • It has a wooden base that adds to its quality.
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Three Sided Silver Plate

Leaf Design Silver Platter as Best Corporate Diwali Gifts

  • This comes adorned with gorgeous looks & sinuous embrace
  • Works wonders at gatherings by changing the way snack are served.
  • It gives desserts or snacks an edgy appeal.
  • It has a chic leaf design & shimmering grace.
  • It is certain to suit your love for unique gifting.
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