best diwali gifts for customers: turn your network into networth

Top 10 Best Diwali Gifts For Customers: Turn Your Network Into Net Worth

A dismayed whispering with discarding intention “Oh, the same gift as before! No surprise anyway.” Would you like that your customers come to a similar response when they realise what you gifted them with sheer goodwill? 

Both corporate and businesses flourish on the building blocks of how their clientele perceives and reciprocates their brands. 

Best Diwali gifts for customers are the ones which fetch you their faith, recalling the brand and higher standards of perception as well.  

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Constraints Faced While Selection of Gifts

A recent survey made it evident that to choose an enticing gift for customers on Diwali is no toddler’s job. Then, how are your efforts and money going the right path if your clientele barely appreciates them?

Best Diwali gifts for customers are incessantly searched. However, only a few are efficient to surpass the hurdles  – ready options available in abundance. “What do I do now, it’s a decision at the nick of time!” 

The list has just started and you would be able to easily relate to the subsequent hassles that you face.

A gift packaging that simply turns the mood off because it seems to be merely a formality. Gift products you chose considering them as the perfect presents for clients sometimes are similar to be resembling with competitors’ and fail to stand out as idiosyncratic. 

Watch out, you are degrading the brand value due to these minute things which you must attend to. 

Your customers will not remember you just because once you served them well enough. It has to be reminded to them and it is called – ‘brand recalling’.

A wise man said –  brand recalling is how you turn your network into your networth. 

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Choose Like a Pro – Send  Gifts That Strike Awe

Customer engagement and retention are the key components of a successful business. If they aren’t flattered enough, then what’s the point?

It not only hampers a smooth flow of dynamic equation with customers but also questions the type of professional style you entertain while gifting.

The current market for non-cash business gifts is estimated at around $125 billion. 

MeLANgE is here to serve you with the best of all the possible sections of corporate gifting and select the best diwali gifts for customers, we have got enthusiasm to explore more. 

Have a glimpse following is a list of splendid examples of prolific art as well as exotic appeal 🙂

Here are some Extraordinary & Premium Diwali Gifts you can choose to woo your loved ones –

1 – Peacock Pen Stand 

Peacock Pen stand

Inspire your customers to entail in the world of thoughts more while they work. The peacock pen stand is not only aesthetically appealing, it relieves a person of many other stresses too. Any recipient is going to validate this well! 

2 -Scooter Mobile Stand&nbsp

Unique Silver Mobile Stand- Best Diwali Gifts For Corporates

Who doesn’t use phones these days? Well, no one. This mobile stand is designed keeping in mind the urge for uniqueness and utility. Anyone who receives this gift is going to feel on cloud nine.

3 – Airplane Paperweight

An amazing silver paperweight shaped like an airplane.

The receiver of this magnificent paperweight is going to feel regarded beyond words. It is the design of the future that is created so that your customers are cherished everytime they see this and remember you. 

4 – Fluted Ice Cream Bowl Set

Fluted Ice-Cream Bowls Set Of Two On Pedestal With Spoons

Add sweetness to the lives of those who support you to the fullest. These bowls can be ideally used for serving ice cream and any other dessert of delightful cuisine. The fluted pattern is symmetrically performed all over the bowls with a broad base for smooth handling.

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5 – Wire Motif Silver Bowl

Wire motif silver bowl with a fluted façade and designer legs

Versatile and mesmerizingly charming, this wire motif bowl will have a permanent imprint on the consciousness of its recipient. It can be used as a decor piece, serving dry fruits and whichever way a person likes. 

6 – Rose Gold Gift Box

a picture of three similar boxes of rose gold color having a weave design on the top

A personal bond with your customers is always a privilege to have. This box can give you that with its superlative crafted top with supernal dimensions. Its design does justice to aesthetics as well as utility. 

7 -Three Sided Golden Platter

a vibrant 3-sided leaf shaped golden platter with handles

Aristocracy personified! This platter will not just function as a fry fruit serving tray, it will be capturing all viewers’ eyes too. The base carries a leaf-like design so that it imbibes a perfect look as a royal piece of true elegance.

8 -Exquisite Silver Basket

Silver Basket Flower Affix On The Handle

Engage all attention towards the way you gift with this endearing basket that is created with floral patterns. Base is a broad flower with petals beautifully arranged. The handle looks innocently attached with small designs at both the ends.

9 – Modern Texture Silver Photo Frame

unique silver plated table top photo frame

The chic finish of this unique photo frame is enough to enchant the hearts with a single glance. A firm and carved stucture is bestowed in order to keep it stable. This article doesn’t fail to put itself in a category of classics.

10 – Tulip Crystal Candle Holder

Silver Plated Candle Holder

One of the premium diwali gifts is right here. It is a beholdingly created candle holder that resembles a tulip. Brighten up their lives as well as your customer relationships with the magnanimously carved candle holder.

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Our Incredible Perks For You

We believe that until the customer is satisfied, the job is not over. In order to give a combo of all the problems, we give certain exclusive services such as :-

  • Free gift packaging that is absolutely delight to vision,
  • On-time multiple location door-step delivery available,
  • Customization option is offered, 
  • Dainty and magnanimous variety of designs available in bulk.

Best diwali gifts for customers are the ones which appeal to their heart. Not only does an enchanting gift enhance brand recalling, it also nurtures your relationship with customers in general.

Make them remember you admirably out of happiness with the ideal handouts!         

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