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Do you want to sway a rather persistent physician? Influence them to recommend your brand’s medication to patients?

Then why have patience, do this now and it might just do the trick. We are Mélange and we can help you on your way to success! Not only is Mélange a perfect choice in Delhi for best gifts for doctors and their offices but also for PAN India.

A pharmaceutical corporation, or drug companies, are a profitable business certified to research, create, market and distribute medicines, mostly in healthcare. These corporations usually deal in common and brand medicines.

They are subject to many laws and guidelines concerning the patenting, testing and promotion of medications, predominantly prescription medicines.

From the early period of the 19th Century till now, the pharmaceutical business is one of the most lucrative and influential in the existence of any business world, attracting both praise and controversy. It is not uncommon for a pharmaceutical business representative to show up to a healthcare facility or medical centers with a box of sandwiches or a bunch of pizzas.

Furthermore, they want to let the doctors know that they are concerned for their well-being.

But also, this technique is not the one with the best of results. The best resultant one is quite authentic and traditional, gifts Yes, you heard that right.

The unique way of showing your gratitude is to give the best gifts for doctors. It’s been stated and verified that having a good network amongst the medical practitioners and doctors helps pharmaceutical companies earn a lot more. The more your connections, the much your income.

And you want to earn more, right? Of course, you do! Who wouldn’t?

Why is giving unique, sentimental and best gifts to doctors important?

As shown by the research, corporate gifts are a way of showing appreciation to a doctor which affects their decisions as to which medicines to prescribe. Mostly, that is, the reason why drug manufacturers spend so much money marketing to medical staff and doctors. In a survey it was found that professionals who received best gifts for doctors from the pharmaceutical corporations not only recommended more prescriptions of the brand, but also the costlier ones, than professionals who did not receive these gifts.

Which one do you want to be?

The one who puts no efforts for the gifts of doctors or the one who puts in little effort and gets handsomely paid for it with the extra revenue your effort generated?

Got you pondering over your choices of best gifts for doctors office, didn’t we? Good thing, we are here for you!

At Mélange, we offer you a wide variety of products to choose from the perfect ‘gift’ which the doctors and the medical practitioners will surely remember!

How many times has it happened to you, that gift you gave to a doctor for his valued time with your organization was the one they already had?

Many times?

Don’t let it happen again! As representative of your corporation’s trust and alliance, it is your duty to choose the ‘perfect’ way to influence a doctor to prescribe your corporation’s medications. Why not let us help you find that way? Why choose less than best gifts for doctors to impress them? Especially, fot those who bring business to your organization?

Let’s look at the uniqueness and grace Mélange offers you and decide for yourself!

Office Accessory Set 3-in-1

As a human once said, “Gift giving is a part of the culture”.

But anywhere it wasn’t stated that giving boring gifts was part of the culture too.

Have you or your organization been giving out dull and impersonalized gifts for as long as you can remember?

Don’t worry, Mélange brings you the best gifts for doctors just like your bond with them! A brown-colored fluent pen, a reedy cardholder and a perfect keychain; a requirement for every doctor today to keep their essentials safe and near them.

Silver Airplane Paperweight

Want to let the doctors know of your organization’s dream of soaring high to success? With this you can!

Gift this remarkable silver product for its use as a paperweight or a décor. Moreover, hand this Silver bling as way for your brand recall!


explore more gifts now!

Elephant Mobile Holder

Those gifts are even more precious which the giver has made valuable.

One of the best gifts for doctors office, a unique and proud silver product, an elephant mobile holder.

This product not only can be used as a mobile holder but also a holder of small endearing notes to your physicians as a token of celebration of your bond together.

Gift them this and be forever etched in their memory, especially whenever they retrieve their phone from this product.

Rose Gold Fluted Design Photo Frame


Humble yet homely rose-colored photo frame with golden ridges decorating it is one of the best gifts for doctors one could ever give.

Help the doctors relive old memories. Furthermore, this products also shows sentimental values towards those receiving it.

Gift it to doctors to relieve the sweet moments with your organization!


Show More Varieties!

Peacock Pen Stand

Give this gift as a part of best gifts for doctors, who do not need to divert their attention from their patients while retrieving a pen from this gorgeous bling product.

Give this as a gift to doctors and get recommended for being thoughtful!

Airplane Key Chain


Want to know one of the best gifts for doctors? Here’s one!

This lightweight product is a must in a life of professionals, not only for its beauty but for the message hidden behind it; rising towards victory.

Gift this and let them reminisce about the time spent together, moreover, the work done with your organization!


Square Weave Design Silver Box


Went to a doctor who has been searching his glasses everywhere?

Yes? Help your favorite doctors keep their belongings safe in style.

This admirable silver box with bubbles design decorating atop can be used for serving purposes as well. Furthermore, if not using this product for any storage purposes, this makes it a fine addition to the house décor as well!


Crystal Bowls With Tray


This silver serve-ware of Mélange’s is the epitome of a supple design, making it an attraction to those who see it.

Structured beautifully, not only does this tray come along two silver bowls and spoons used for serving purposes but can also be used as a décor.

Gift this silver product to those doctors who love to console their patients with a bowl filled with lip-smacking candies!


Flower Design Silver Coffee Mug Set


Gift the doctors and physicians these and bring a smile onto their tired faces for being considerate!

Being a doctor is a tiring job. Want to be a great representative of your company and help them reach another step towards success?

Give this elegant gift to that doctor and you just might! Help doctors get freshened up!



Three-Sided Silver Plate

Gift this easily usable silver plate to those whose hands are literally full with many serving dishes or well, work.

They would surely appreciate your initiative to save them from staining three utensils in place of one!


Silver Butterfly Bookmark


Being a life-savior is indeed a tough job. Help you favorite doctors keep onto their toes by using this to bookmark their page!

Gift this elegant bookmark with a stunning butterfly and stones at its crown to those who read and write a lot, especially work related.

They are sure to appreciate your concern for them with this gift as they easily retrieve the exact page they want.



Get ready to drive your business forward with Mélange.

At Mélange, we offer you a wide variety of exciting, exclusive and best gifts for doctors with which your brand can grab the attention of many physicians, helping your organization get recommended sooner than later.

Let your challengers know the power of your organization today!

Order from anywhere. Get started now.

Apart from the engrossing gifts we offer, we provide these facilities too!

  • Personalization and customization service
  • Free doorstep delivery 
  • Connect to us easily
  • Ready stocks just for you and your convenience
  • Free gift boxes
  • Anti-Tarnish guarantee


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I would like to convey my appreciation for the excellent gifts that Melangegift offers. I was looking for luxurious gifts that our company could impress its clients with, in a quantity around 150. No other portal had a ready stock. Then thankfully, I came across Melangegift. The gifts made our clients happy. Look forward to doing business with you again.

Ranjana Tripathi

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Our employees smiled as they received Silver Mobile Holder as their Gift- both functional and unique! I loved the discounts they offer. I would highly recommend Melangegift.

Mr. Rakesh Khatri

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Melangegift is truly unparalleled. They had a ready stock of around 600 articles, gave free packaging and shipping. What else can a customer ask for? Thank you Melangegift,it was a pleasurable experience.

Naveen Mishra

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Melangegift changed the way we used to gift. Beautiful gifts! They have such a dedicated customer support that helped me narrow down the gifts as per my needs. Thumbs up!

Adiya Gupta

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