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Last Minute Birthday Return Gifts By MeLANgE

These days, it’s crucial to remember to incorporate birthday return gifts when making birthday plans. You already have a tonne of work on your plate, which is exhausting and overwhelming. Therefore, MeALNgE has developed an idea to address this issue and provide you with suggestions for exchanging birthday party gifts.

The birthday return presents you select should fit the theme you wished to maintain for the birthday celebration. We have wide range of presents available, so you can pick the gifts even for the party of the tiniest member. These presents can be utilized by people of any age, and are not only the best in terms of design but also in terms of quality.

Here are some of the birthday return gifts ideas by MeLANgE:

silver plated tray with food in background

Serving Tray

Tray is a convenient and evergreen gift, but you know you can make it better by wrapping up the chocolates in the tray which makes it suitable for return favors.

Do you know what is better coming with this birthday return gift? You are getting different sizes available and ready stock of the products, which means that if you are late in arranging them, we are ready to solve this issue. We can cater to every service you want to include in the gift whether you want to add chocolate, sweet, or anything extra other than the gift.

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Teddy Bear Photoframe

Photo frames:

Double up the celebration by giving up the photo frame to which they can add their fairytale memory. The most cherished memories are the ones that are before our eyes. So, we have brought this photo frame to your attention it is pretty and is the frame that can be used by the kid too and is also perfect for 1st birthday return gifts you can give to your friends.

The butterfly over the edges is broad and elegant adorned with the butterfly which is inspired by the view seen in nature. It will give you a glimpse of ” Flowers of light yellow color are blooming and a soothing fragrance is mixed in the air. The view is so magnificent that anyone looking at it will just love it. So will be your photo frame.”

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Flowers Enamelled Glasses Set

Mugs & Cups  

Sipping tea and enjoying the view is the favorite hobby of everyone, add a little more charm to their evenings by gifting them the mug set. The mug set we are showing here has the crafting of blue and white flowers with crystal as the center.

The flowers are crafted in the best way which makes the mug set more appealing and lovely. Give the gift your inscription or signature which makes it a more personal and memorable gift. You won’t be regretting buying these gifts.

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Silver Plated Jewellery Box with flower accent on a vanity table.

Silver Boxes

Whether you are gifting the birthday return gifts to the parents or the children we have the option of silver boxes. Because either it is a child or a parent they have their treasures which they will cherish for their lives.

Our silver boxes are secure as they provide separation inside which can easily organize the things in case you want to accommodate the bigger things inside the box you can remove the separation. Make your presents speak and showcase the best. 

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Bird couple Book Mark

Book Accessories

Children are fond of book accessories and they treasure them the best way along with that if their parents are fond of books then they will also love these accessories. Here is the MeALNgE’s bookmark which has the pair of birds on the top and the cutwork below making it appealing and lovely.

We also have other gifts that you can consider like a pen stand, paperweight, and bookkeeper. Just pick that interests you and make it the gift that they couldn’t find at other parties.

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Our Best Seller 

Go Noak's Photoframe

Here are lists of the birthday return gifts, but if you are searching for return gift ideas for 1st birthday then, we have brought the bestseller and you can even gift this as the 1st birthday present to the new member. The photo frame is very precisely designed for kids.

In case you researching for other options then you can checkout the following :

White T-shirt


You can customize the t-shirts and engrave something over it to make them loving and personal. But, the problem with this is the size of the t-shirt which may not match the fitting of the person.

3d erasers


These days cartoon character erasers are famous and somewhere very amusing to children. They will love the colorful hues that you add to their geometry box. You can choose the erasers as per the theme you are choosing for your loved ones.

Paper Soap

Paper Soap

You can deny, the market is flooded with paper soaps available in different shapes along with colors that help kids to build the habit of washing their hands, which they might avoid.



Kids are fond of keeping their coins and notes in their wallets, as they see their parents. You can just add more interest to it by gifting their wallets or purses that will double up their joy.

Pamper your guests with these adorable gifts, which will also make the birthday person happy and they will just love the efforts you have put into the party. If you are throwing the party of the naughtiest one then they will come running to you and will, “You are the best!”.

We at MeLANgE are bringing you joy, I hope that you get something best and better from MeLANgE.

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