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Choose Best Corporate Gift Items Worth Swooning Over

“WOOH, AHH!” picture your employees, clients or anyone related to you in the professional domain say this out loud – just because you gifted them something.
But what really happens is an exchange of smiles and sugar-coated words while they dump those gifts in the back of their car, barely thinking of taking them out. The most they think of is giving them as a token of courtesy to their workers. 
EESHH, must suck, mustn’t it? 
Save yourself these instances by picking appropriate corporate gift items – the ones that won’t get your head shook or let you be frowned upon by your receivers. 
In tis way, you can enhance your ‘personal strata’ and make a way in your employees & clients’ hearts. (We know you are smiling already 😉 )
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How Do Corporate Gift Items Help In Elevating Your Brand Position?

Often, it is said that ‘work organization is a second family for those who work for it’. Time and space instill us with a quality to identify ourselves with surroundings.

The corporate gifting items should be chosen by considering – design, utility and above all they must convey your message in an ideal manner.

Moreover, do you know that unique corporate presents are eligible to fetch you good amount of benefits such as –

Maintaining Relationships and Building Your Brand

If nobody knows your business well, who will become your customer? Doesn’t that sound pretty logical? Thus, gifting will build an amicable reputation that “the business seems to be authentic and creative”. Gifting is a sign of appreciation for clients, employees and customers.

Bridging the Gaps By Initiating Friendly Connections

Customization makes your gift more special and unique. It shows that you have put your extra efforts to make it more special.

Personalization of a gift makes it memorable and leaves a fine and long-time impression on employees and clients.

A Gesture Of Goodwill

The innovative gifts from us are always amazing and make statement gifts. These kinds of gifts are best and they will remember you for a longer time.

So, try to present a unique and fascinating gift to your employees and clients.


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MeLaNgE caters to all your professional gifting confusions and searches with absolute ease. Well, we do our homework too as in what will suit your partners, workers and related parties in the best way.
Below we have listed a glimpse of our corporate gifts for employees that you are introduced to a variety of things and then choose accordingly :-


We Have Scoured Silver Plated Corporate Gifting Options That Will Please Every Receiver

1. Peacock Silver Pen Holder

Peacock Pen stand

A pen holder contributes to the professional and attractive look to an office desk. The vivid colors of the peacock feathers light up the mood of the person looking at it & will enhance the charm of the table.

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2. Scooter Silver Mobile Holder

Unique Silver Mobile Stand- Best Diwali Gifts For Corporates

Silver mobile stands are popular among people looking for attractive mobile stands to gift or for their own use. This mobile stand will make for a high-end polished accessory for use in the office. HAnds down one of the best corporate gifting options!

3. Rose Gold Fluted Design Photo Frame


Rose Gold Fluted Design Photo Frame

Let the imagination take a flight of fancy with this photo frame featuring a high-gloss finish. Furthermore, it displays your nostalgic memories with panache. Gift it to your senior staff or even your co-workers. It is one of the most unique office gifts.

4. Fluted Design Silver Ice-Cream Bowls

Tulip Crystal Candle Holder

Get this extravagant piece for your employees and clients to foster your relationship with them. Let them enjoy their delicious ice-cream in these sophisticated ice-cream bowls. The receiver will remember you with every scoop of ice-cream.

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5. 3-in-1 Office Accessory Set

Office Accessory Set 3-in-1

Who doesn’t need a pen and a keychain? But they should look stylish too. The corporate diwali gifts like these are definitely an intelligent choice because nobody can fail to cognise such useful gifts which are unparalleled in design and efficacy.

Not Just These, We Have More Silver Corporate Gifting Options

6. Peacock Leaf Border Round Silver Bowl


Peacock Leaf Border Silver Plated Bowl With Fluted Interior and 4 designer legs

This is an ethnic bowl which is carved with respect to the peacock feather pattern. The borders are finely carved which will be extremely catchy to eyes. Size of the bowl is small so that it does not weigh too heavy.

7. Modern Design Silver Box

Modern design silver box

Cast a mesmerizing spell with this uber-stylish silver box with golden flower on its top. Gift it to your employees and clients to shower your gratitude towards them. It is best to keep eateries in it and to adorn the console too. The receiver will praise the choice of your gift.

8. Beaded Rim Silver Bowls with Spoons

Set Of Four Spoons And Round Shaped Bowls With Balls Beaded On The Rim

These silver bowls and spoons are perfect for any dining setting. The round silver beads along the border of the bowls make it eye-catching. It has a glossy surface that give it a sleek look. They can be used to serve dry fruits, snacks and desserts. This bundle is chosen by many corporate gifting companies.

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9. Unique Ceramic Flower Mugs

Ceramic Flower Unique Coffee Mug Set

The most hypnotic type of corporate gifting ideas you will ever see. Let your clients have a cup of beverage in a cup which is really “gold”. Its golden belt contains a flower which instills a dainty and saintly visuals to the cup. It is a pair as anyone would like to have a “cheers!” with this kind of a delightful cup.

10. Square Silver Bowls With Tray

a bowl set of three with a silver plated tray and spoons

A statement piece to display dry fruits, candies, and others. These elegant artsy silver bowls make a gift that has a whimsical flair. They will love to receiver it.

Silver Plated Corporate Gift Ideas To Swerve Away From Conventional Gifting

11. Peach Enameled Silver Sugar Pot


Peach Colored Sugar Pot With Intricate Design

One of the cutest corporate gift ideas for employees since you don’t need to be professional always with a strict sense of limits. Why not make their food time or tea time sweeter as well? The sugar pot is embellished with enamel work and comes along with a lovely spoon that compliments it perfectly.

Level Up Your Gifting

12. Airplane Silver Paperweight


An amazing silver paperweight shaped like an airplane.

Airplane Paperweight because a professional person deals with a lot of papers and has many kept on their desks. An elegant and posh paperweight is a must. In short, a remarkable gift too.

13. Square Cutwork Enameled Silver Tray


Gift your loved ones this classy silverware to make their dining table look better than ever before. Perfect for serving sweets and dry fruits while also adding a graceful look to the décor from the ranges of Silver Diwali Gift ideas for Corporates!

14. Fluted Design Silver Platter

Fan Shaped Platter Set Of Two With Fluted Design

Amaze your employees and clients with this sophisticated silver platter set. It is perfect for serving eateries and to embellish the charm of the dining table too.

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Is that it? We don’t think so!


We are not done yet! We have a plethora of articles waiting just for you. Also, you can customize the gift in conformity with your own wish and we assure you that the design will be created exactly as you want it to. The “anti-tarnish” quality of our corporate gift items is equally undeniable since we pay attention to the whole process by which an article is created. Want more surprises? We will provide you with free delivery right at your doorstep and a free of cost, imperial gifting box will cover your ordered precious gift. 

Trends of gifting are not new, but your style of gifting can be. Come let us make a memorable gift together for those you share the hard work with!


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