corporate gifts insights: facts and stats

Corporate Gifts Insights: Facts & Stats

If your company circulates corporate gifts or it doesn’t, then have you ever wondered if it affected the business in some or the other way? Just asking. 

In the corporate ecosystem, your competitors’ moves would never leave you unscathed!

Think how it is relatable in a new launching a new technology that will affect your sales. If they do something good, you must strive for the better. 

Gifting carries the same concept. Remember the time you gave a “thoughtful” present to your esteemed clients and one of them didn’t shy away to sprinkle innuendos?

“That is awesome! I received the same last year from some other company too!”

It feels like all your expectations just shattered in a second. It’s overwhelming, we know.

I am so sorry, but the gift is so lame - says a funny meme

Corporate Gifts Impacting The World: Read How

Today, it stands with a prediction that the corporate gifting market will reach $242 billion this year and continue growing at an accelerated 8.1% CAGR through 2024- as a Forbes report states.

Your employees are the real asset of your organization. They deserve all the appreciation and recognition for the work they do.

 Besides, your clients are the engine to your business train. You can’t achieve your desired goals without having a good bunch of clients, good repeat customer rates, and a rapid increase in potential clients.

So, if you know you are going to spend a chunk of the budget or even exceed it to enrich the professional relationships, it better go that way.

Choosing generic ones would hardly impact the recipients, or worse, they would start accumulating grudges for your negligence. 

“Therefore around half of the time, sending generic gifts might even be pointless.”Alyce conducted a survey and revealed how presenting run-of-the-mill items to people in corporate barely creates the desired effect.


facts and stats 2 that convey how generic gifts impact a company's professional relationship in a bad way

Incentives, equity, and a simple appreciation definitely works but corporate presents can do wonders. Today, every company be it small or big has a different agenda prepared on what kind of items to be presented to all their corporate professionals.

Your potential and existing clients are juggling between pushy sales calls and automated email inquiries, meanwhile your employees are flooded with thousands of opportunities claiming to be better than their existing employer.

Disturbing, isn’t it? All your business professionals are missing out on the warmth that they thrive on. Discounts and salary alone are insufficient to be a viable substitute.

Statistics that show the benefits of corporate gifts evidently

Over 80% said handouts have improved relationships with employees and/or clients, with 48% saying that they delivered a substantial benefit.

Chief among the benefits gained was making the recipient feel valued (45% reported substantial benefits), improved customer loyalty (43% substantial benefit) and improved employee retention (41% substantial benefit). 

According to research, gift-giving was cited by 63% of businesses as a factor in their enhanced customer connections. It also has an impact on professional relationships, say 94 % of top business leaders.

A new Survey revealed how anyone would literally prefer tangible presents more than those creating an experience. 

So, if you think throwing away a gift card or a couple of discounted movie tickets would suffice, take a step back. 

a survey conducted by alyce reveals how people want physical gifts more and gifts related to experience less

Your resources are precious, and so are the presents that you handout

Don’t think about handing out any random article even if you paid a good deal for it. to elevate your rapport with your employees & clients, you must choose carefully.

According to a survey conducted by OLX and IMRB, the tendency of receiving presents that are of little use is on the rise.

Unwanted presents are re-gifted by as many as 24% of the households polled. In addition, 14 percent said they toss away undesired gifts, 7% said they sell them, and 5% said they give them away as part of a charity.

Another worth noticing fact is that corporates face while choosing gifts is their delivery, which plays a crucial role in their part of bestowing.

According to Inviqa, most of the companies face issues related to delivery as shown below. 

Like, getting over with the indecisiveness and adjusting the budget only to get annoyed by slow delivery. That’s a lot.

yet another survey by alyce that reveals how people face problems due to slow delivery and its charges


We are sure you wouldn’t want to come under these statistics by giving out unwanted presents.

Try out from Options that have meaning and utility to them.

Hint: Silver-plated gifts among experimental and practical ones will retain talent, promote client referrals and help your business achieve milestones. 

“Gifting is not just about expressing care for another person, but there are a lot of identities wrapped up in what someone gives to another person,” consumer psychologist Gray shares. “It says something about you, that you are a thoughtful and caring person.”

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