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What Are The Best Gift Ideas For A Virtual Wedding?

Ever since the lockdown started, the world has been performing every possible task, digitally. Talk about educational classes or corporate meetings, attending them online is now a common thing. Most of these practices are still being held over the internet. One of the most prominent one being virtual weddings. Be it to reduce the hassle or to save money, people are still arranging marriages over the internet. However, as feasible as it is, it can also be a tedious task to think of gift ideas for a virtual wedding.

Even if it is a virtual marriage ceremony, no one wants to hamper it in any way. It must be as special as any other wedding in person. Which is why, you can’t lag behing when thinking about return gifts for guests at virtual wedding. The gift should be chosen in such a way that each and every attendant remembers the big day, irrespective of it being held on the other side of the screen.

However, you also need to keep in mind to not over-do it and match it with the theme of the wedding. We’ve curated a collection of some of the best gift ideas for a virtual wedding that the recipients will remember and cherish forever.

Nakshi Photoframe

Crystal Border Photo Frame

So what if the functions are being carried on the other side of the screen? Everything from the elegance of decoration to the large number of pictures remains the same. Which is why, gifting a photo frame will be a good option for more than one reasons. 

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Jewelry Box

Enameled Peacock Jewellery Box

A jewellery box like this one makes for an excellent gifting option for marriages. Apart from setting it on a vanity table, this box can also be used to store other knicks and knacks and accessories. The exquisite design only adds to the sophistication of it.

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Wine glasses

Crystal Wine Glasses

Your guests probably didn’t enjoy the wedding drinks. Gifting a luxurious, silver-plated wine glass set to the guests can cover for it. In addition to that, the crystal stem makes it a sight to behold, making it hard for the recipient to ask where did you get this from!

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Bowl and spoon

Fluted Silver Bowls With Spoons Set

Dry fruits have been in trend as a wedding present always. Why not make the gift more beautiful with this beautiful dry fruit bowl? You can add the dry fruit to the bowl and get it delivered to their doorstep and save your time.

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Mugs that suits your taste

European Glasses With Spoons

Tea cups fill up most of the drinkware gift ideas. However, a silver-plated mug set with spoons like this one is hard to find. Offer this to your near and dear ones to match it with their uniqueness and express your fondness for them.

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Om cutwork

Om T-Light Holder On Rose Quartz

Om is said to be the music of the universe. The whole universe started with this sound, why not start the special chapter of your life? The Om cutwork on rose quartz is the best gift to collect blessings from your loved ones.


What is special in our gift ideas for a virtual wedding?

While picking out gift ideas, we kept in mind that they are not just gifts bu an expression of your love and care for them that strengthens the relationship. These gift ideas also succeed in becoming the perfect embodiment of luxury and elegance with their exquisite designs and magnificent appearances.

If you want to hear, “Waah! Kya tohfa diya hai!”, then choosing a present that you’re sure will be appreciated by the recipient is significant. Moreover, these gifts can be customised and personalized. One can also make a hamper with dry fruits, chocolates or any other thing that they prefer. The gifts will be at your doorstep without any extra cost and with free designer gift boxes. 

Even if you have immediate requirements, in bulk or a few, MeLANgE can get it arranged for you in a nick of time. Plus, our gifting experts can help you choose the ideal gift as per your needs, if you still can’t point at one.

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