Graceful Corporate Gifts for Diwali

Graceful Customized Corporate Diwali Gifts: Leave A Mark Of Novelty

“You don’t build a business, you build people then people build the business.”

It is apt to define the role of companions one needs to thrive ahead in the corporate world. Healthy corporate relationships are challenging to maintain in this era of strenuous competition.

A distinct thing that can be an eccentric feature for your company along with the services provided is “Gifting”. Graceful gifts make a mark of unique selection and make a mark of novelty.

The gesture of gifting your employees and clients an amicable advantage you receive is “higher brand value”. Brand is who you are as a company and brand recall is the backbone of professional growth in corporate. Customized corporate Diwali gifts are truly a boon in this aspect. 

Diwali gifts can also function as promotional ones because referrals are the results of happy clients. Won’t your brand awareness increase if the clients are joyful by extra efforts of yours?

Customized Corporate Diwali Gifts: Troubles that Surface

Selection of a suitable gift is not only tricky in personal life but also when it comes to gifting at corporate forefront. 

It will be an explicit representation of the company’s brand and how it values the clients and employees.

Generic gifts of usual quality not only impact the psychological bent with feeling nothing special but also are prone to regifting. Personalized corporate Diwali gifts function as remedy in this case. These are not just gifting items but also a profound way of marketing for your company. 

Unavailability of bulk option is another threat feared by most of the companies as the decision may be out at the last moment or the place you contact fails to stand efficiently. 

It can be a genuine concern when the gifts chosen are qualitatively adorable and catchy. However, when quantity shortage falls it gets clumsy to finalize perfectly. 

Diwali Gifts For Employees

Personalized Corporate Deepawali Gifts: The best way to ensure brand recalling

“Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them.” This quote signifies an absolute solution to all your corporate gifting dilemmas. Customized corporate Diwali gifts level up the brand image and awareness about it. 

Diwali is an occasion to create eternal imprints on the minds of those you deal with. It must not slip from your mind due to any fault whatsoever, right? A smart mind is the one that takes chances and converts them into golden opportunities.

Clients who receive an ideally customized and personalized gift are more assured to have an elevated perception of your company’s brand value.

Besides, it enhances the chances of brand recalling even when it has been a while dealing with you. Killing two birds with one stone like this is actually a smart way to gift and fetch long-lasting benefits. 

We want just that for you. At MeLANgE, you will find a service to customize the gifts hampers and personalize by company’s logo, title and contact information as we understand that branded gifting is goes well with increased goodwill. 

Customized corporate Diwali gifts that will amaze beyond imagination

Modern Texture Silver Photo Frame

Modern Texture Silver Photo Frame
  • Form a bond of caring with your clients and employees with this posh modern texture silver photo frame.
  • Its dimensions are perfect to be kept wherever one feels suitable and will be a delightful memorial of your appreciation.
  • All the edges are uniformly patterned to give an elegant appeal.

Wooden Base Pen and Keychain Set

Silver Pen and Keychain Set


  • Engage them with your witty choice such as this sober set of pen and keychain.
  • The body of this set of keychain and pen is made up of wood that makes it light enough.
  • It is made to impress in an impeccable corporate manner.

3-in-1 Black Office Accessory Set

Office Accessory Set 3-in-1
  • This is a set of stylish pen, chic keychain and splendid cardholder.
  • “The more, the merrier” this set fulfils this phrase with utmost beauty.  
  • It will be useful for the recipient in a number of ways.

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Square Silver Enameled Design Tray

Square silver tray with enameled design
  • It is a unique platter that comes in square shape and contains a segmented texture.
  • The tray is one of the best customized corporate Diwali gifts and actually makes a mark.
  • Whenever it is served something upon, your brand would surely be recalled.

Scooter Silver Mobile Stand

Unique Silver Mobile Stand- Best Diwali Gifts For Corporates
  • Mobile is an entity that can never be missed and with this mobile stand, your corporate relationships will be smartly remembered for a long while.
  • A scooter miniature is designed upon this stand that provides an unusual look.
  • A gift like this is hard to miss!

Car Design Mobile Stand and Card Clipper

  • It is an abounding corporate gift option that will spell the air of fresh breath.
  • The card clipper is provided along with the mobile stand.
  • Car design is putting an element of distinction and rarity to it. 

Airplane Silver Paperweight 

An amazing silver paperweight shaped like an airplane.
  • Airplane Silver Paperweight is different from the ordinary ones due to its neat design.
  • This paperweight is shaped into an airplane so as to motivate a person to dream and achieve higher.
  • It is made with sheer clarity on the entire surface.

Fluted Design Bowls (Set of 2)

Fluted silver bowls sets that is adorable.
  • Presented to you a mesmerising set of two bowls as an excellent choice for customised corporate Diwali gifts.
  • Fluted pattern is done on the interiors of these bowls.
  • Ideal for serving edibles to guests that will surely remind about your sincere attempt at gifting.

Ceramic Flower Golden Tea Cup (Set of 2)

Ceramic Flower Gold Tea Cup (Set of 2)
  • Absolutely catchy and designed with elegance, these cups have a golden belt on the centre of which rests a flower.
  • Your clients can joyfully use them to have a hot beverage with a partner.
  • The set is completed with an identical appearance to one another.

Pink Crystal Pen Stand 

silver pen stand with pink crystal
  • Remind them of you while they work with this beautiful pen stand.
  • On the top of it, a marvelous pink crystal is placed to give it an august appearance.
  • The pen stand is accurately designed with petal-like structure at the base to give it a throbbing finish. 

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MeLANgE – One Stop for All Your Personalized Corporate Festive Gifting Needs

“Always deliver more than expected.” The same is done by us to provide absolute satisfaction to our consumers. To wrap a gift is not only about veiling it in a simple wrapping paper. 

When you are already planning exciting customized corporate Diwali gifts, then why take the risk of disappointment due to pale packaging?

Negate any possibility of disappointment that can be caused by plain packaging of your gifts. MeLANgE offers you DAINTY GIFT BOXES, without charging you anything.

When it comes to delivery nothing is certain cent percent that whether the gift will reach on time. You won’t have to bother about shipping. That is completely on us to get delivery of the gifts at your desired destination in time.

Why choose a purposeful gift or a gift with aesthetics, when you can have both?

You can take a sigh of relief as our gifts are not only appealing but also have an intricate authentic value that just mesmerizes. 

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