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The second-most exciting thing for a new home owner after acquiring their home would be the griha pravesh ceremony – and the gifts which come with that! So, make sure yours stands out in a sea of mundane cutlery, crockery, artefacts and what-have-you. 

Finding home inauguration gifts is not as difficult as you think!

Again, if you are ending up with very common or mundane gifts, then please stop doing that! Why gift uninteresting gifts if you are also not feeling good by receiving the same when someone give you the uninteresting gift? An uninteresting gift not only leads to a waste of your time or money but also leaves a bad impression on your guest’s mind by whom you are invited. Those boring boxes of sweets or chocolates might be ended up ruining your relationship with the receiver. As your guests are expecting something great or unique gift for new griha pravesh, but your tacky gift hurt their expectation and ultimately it affects your relationship with them. Probably you don’t want that! We can also understand that finding home inauguration gifts can be a difficult task if you are not sure about the likes or dislikes of your near and dear ones. 

Silver Gifts- A Trend That Has Been Followed From Decades!

If you are unsure about their interests, then you can go with Silver Gifts! Because you can never go wrong with silver gifts. Being silver a shining metal on the earth, it is considered to be a most precious gift, especially in India. In short, presenting a silver gift is not less than a blessing as it has its own aura. Now if you are looking for silver gifts, then you are in the right place. There are so many online portals that present you silver gifts but Melangegift is one of the leading brands in the silver gift industry that provides highly aesthetic and unique silver plated gifts that the receiver will be proud to own. 

Here, we compile a list of housewarming gifts that will leave a lasting impression on the recipient.

Silver Bowls- Home Inauguration Gifts

Oval Antique Stone Silver Bowl

Elegantly crafted, this silver bowl is a statement-making piece for any dining decor. Gift it to your loved ones and let them flaunt dry fruits or other eateries in it.

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Round Cutwork Silver Bowl

Cast a mesmerizing spell with this enticing round cutwork silver bowl. Displaying fruits or other eateries very well, makes it stand out of the rest. 

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Three Sided Silver Platter

Pick this three sided silver platter to serve with a sublime style and for adding a glamorous shine to any setting. Gift this awe-inspiring silverware. 

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Silver Silver Enameled Silver Tray

A perfect addition to your special ones serveware collection. Bring this square silver tray and fill it with sweets or dry fruits to make your gift memorable.

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The Best Home Inauguration Gifts- A Praiseworthy Silverware Collection

Silver Bowl and Tray Set

This fluted design silver bowl and tray set is best for serving or gifting purposes. It holds the apt amount of delicacies. The receiver will praise the choice of your gift.


Duck Bowl and Tray Set

Amaze your friends or guests with this alluring silver bowl and tray set. Crafted in the shape of a duck, these serving bowls are the best to leave a remarkable impression on the receiver’s mind. 


Peacock Design Coffee Mug Set

You can pick this peacock design silver coffee mug set that lends high appeal to even the most basic brews and favorite blends. 

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Crystal Sugar Pot

This is a glorious yet practical addition to any kitchen setting. Crafted with utter precision, set grace to the table with the lush fineness of this crystal sugar pot. 


Plethora of Silver Boxes- Home Inauguration Gifts

Rose Gold Silver Box

Appreciate the presence of your guests at your housewarming occasion by gifting this intricately crafted rose gold silver box. They can use this multi-purpose box to store the dry fruits or candies in it. 


Square Enameled Silver Box

It makes a charismatic gift to be placed on a table and holds the apt amount of dry fruits. A praiseworthy return gift for griha pravesh to make your guests feel special. 


Fluted Design Silver Basket

Let your friends or guests display fruits or candies in this finely crafted fluted design silver basket. It holds a Crystalever-lasting shine and is a praiseworthy gift too. 

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Unique Ceramic Golden Flower Basket

This elegant yet class ceramic golden basket, adorned with vibrant flowers is sure to grab the attention of the onlooker. Its grace will add luxe to the dining table.

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Silver Photo Frames- Home Inauguration Gifts Like No Other!

Butterfly Enameled Silver Photo Frame

This aesthetically pleasing butterfly enameled silver photo frame is the uncommon and best return gift for griha pravesh. Help the receiver to reminisce the precious moments in it. 


Intricate Design Silver Photo Frame

Let your friends or guests reminisce their old times in this magnificently crafted silver photo frame. In short, a perfect gift to leave a long-lasting impression on the receiver’s mind.


Classic Silver Flower Vase

Accentuated with the brilliant shine of silver, this elegant flower vase is the best gift for griha pravesh. Let your loved ones adorn their this beautiful vase.


Eagle Showpiece

A statement-making piece to embellish every corner of the house. It looks attractive and lights up the mood of the person looking at it. 


Silver Pooja Articles- Home Inauguration Gifts

Om Handle Silver Diya and Incense Stick Holder

Choose this traditional and auspicious gift for your friends or guests to appreciate their presence at your new home. A perfect gift for new griha pravesh. 

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Copper Finished Ganesha Idol

Seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha on the auspicious occasion of housewarming. The grace of the idol will elevate the charm of the overall look of the home decor. 

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In conclusion, these are some of the best silver gifts for new griha pravesh. But not only these, Melangegift has a curated range of Housewarming gifts in silver. We have a collection of more than 500 unique designs including silver bowls, trays, platters, dry fruit boxes, jewelry boxes, pooja articles, coffee mugs, baskets, photo frames, keychains, mobile stands, pen stands, centerpieces, bowl, and tray sets, flower vases, ice-cream bowls, god idols, wine glasses and many more. These are the gifts that are crafted with utter precision and high-quality material. 

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