Housing Ceremony Gifts Add Meaning to Your New Home

Getting a house of your own is a milestone in itself. And any milestone is incomplete without a celebration. Having a house of your own marks a journey that is yours, so add more meaning to your new home by getting housing ceremony gifts for your loved ones.

Planning the perfect housing ceremony is no easy job. You have to take care of the food, music, seating arrangements, and of course, the housing ceremony gifts.

While everyone is cautious about the first few, people tend to forget how important a role the return gifts at your ceremony play. Picture this, a guest who is expecting a return gift and doesn’t receive one, and then a guest who isn’t expecting a return gift, but still receives one. Surprise both of these kinds of guests, and have a win-win situation at your ceremony.

Why should you never get generic housing ceremony gifts?

You get a generic gift for your guests – chances are that they’ve already got a bunch of them lying in their house. There’s nothing special or memorable about your gift. And they’ll probably forget about both, your gift and your ceremony, in a while.

Don’t disappoint your guests with a tacky gift. You wouldn’t want to tarnish your relationship with your loved ones simply because you didn’t put in enough thought into a gift, would you? Of course not!

We know that picking out the perfect return gift may not be an easy task. You need to pick out something that would be useful for each one of your guests. Here’s what you can do to get the best and most memorable housing ceremony gifts for your guests – get them silver items as gifts.

What are the best housing ceremony gifts?

Silver gifts aren’t just beautiful and thoughtful, they are useful too. Your guests won’t just remember your gesture and your ceremony, but they’ll also use your present instead of just passing it on. And that is so much better than another generic present that will be passed on from one person to the other.

Melange offers you the best deals in silver gifts. Apart from perks such as free delivery and discount on bulk orders, we also provide our customers with free premium gift boxes. These gift boxes are bound to make your gifts even more memorable than they already are.

We also have ready stocks, so you can place your order in the eleventh hour, and still have everything under control. Moreover, we provide our customers with an anti-tarnish guarantee. You can also personalise and customise your presents with us.

Confused about what you can get? Here’s a list of elegant gift items for you!

Square Fluted Silver Bowls with Tray

This graceful set of two bowls comes with an equally mesmerising tray. What’s a better gift for your housewarming than something that’ll light up your guests’ home too?

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Modern Fluted Texture Silver Photo Frame

As you step into a new home, there is no better return gift than a photo frame. While you make new memories at your new home, they’ll get to relive their old ones!

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Rectangle Wooden Silver Box

The multipurpose box doesn’t just look classy, but it is also useful. We guarantee you that your guests will love it!

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Crystal Rim Fluted Silver Bowls

These bowls will enhance the “dessert-experience” for your guests. And cherry on top – their packaging is elegant too!

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Duck Bowl and Tray Set

These duck-shaped bowls make an amazing storage unit for dry items. They also come with a serving tray. Get these as your housing ceremony gifts today!

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Glass Globe Silver Bowl

This bowl will make a great addition to any room. If you’re a traveller, it’s the perfect gift to give out as the globe will always remind your guests about you.

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Oval Antique Ruby Stone Studded Bowl with Stand

If you like antiques and want your guests to take something unique and special with them, this is the pick for you. The bowl comes along with a stand and elegant packaging!

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Oval Wire Silver Bowl

If you want to keep your return gifts simple yet elegant, the Oval Wire Silver Bowl should be your pick. It’s elegant design is also why it is one of our favourite products on this list. Get it for your guests today!

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Peacock Leaf Border Oval Silver Bowl

This bowl is the perfect coffee table attraction. Add dry fruits or sugar cubes to the bowl and your gift will light up your guests’ rooms!

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Peacock Leaf Design Silver Coffee Mugs

What is a better present than something your guests will use each morning for their mandatory morning coffee? Get these today!

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Pink Crystal Studded Silver Box

The Pink Crystal Studded Silver Box is as charming as any return gift can get. We are sure that your guests will show off your gift in front of their peers!

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Square Cutwork Silver Platter

This platter comes along with an elegant packaging, adding to its beauty. Two housing ceremony gifts in one, what’s better than that?

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Beaded Rim Silver Bowls with Spoons

Serve dessert with elegance in the form of these Beaded Rim Silver Bowls. The set also comes with spoons, adding to the beauty and grace of the bowls.

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Beautiful Border Round Silver Tray

This small-sized tray can act as an elegant serving or storage unit. Place it in your living room and you’ll automatically feel the room seem more graceful.

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Grab these deals before they’re gone and get housing ceremony gifts of value for your guests. After all, it’s not everyday that you buy a place of your own.

Add a Special Touch to Your Housing Ceremony Gifts

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We also offer personalization like receiver’s name, company logo, and as such on the boxes and the gifts.

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