swerve away from the usual - present top pharma gifts to the doctors

Swerve Away From The Usual- Top Pharma Gifts To Doctors

Whatever be the portfolio of the person in front, gifts are an unbeatable way to win their hearts without any other clever tricks.

When it comes to gifting a professional whose job is no less auspicious than the God’s, you must reckon the trend you were following till date. 

Indeed, there is no one who does not want appreciation for their work.

However, doctors are distinct because their work is beyond what we describe in real words. “They deal WITH LIFE in real-time”.

Thus, pharma gifts to doctors must be ethereally special and synchronized by modernity of the highest kind. 

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Doctors are known for the kind job they do, but what is your pharmaceutical company known for? We are firm in our opinion that a pharmaceutical company can rise the best when doctors are satisfied.

A study shows that the companies of pharmaceutical nature are more likely to fetch amicable results when a good amount of doctors are prone to favor them while prescribing the patients. 

Till when will you continue to give conventional gifts to them? After all, they too would want to witness some change in the tradition.

Therefore, the time has come for you to take into account newer opportunities to gift doctors with high-quality and top-notch items.


Level Up Your Gifting With MeLANgE’s Thoughtful Pharma Gifts To Doctors

One of the most revered Pharma gifting companies, MeLANgE can take your burden of creativity and rejuvenation on its own shoulders to relieve you.

How? By its exclusive, exceptional presenting options that are as diverse as the species variety on the earth.

Below is a mini-tour of our chic products for you to have a notice of 🙂

1. Pink Crystal Silver Pen Stand


A pink colour item is anyhow enough to win a heart specialist’s heart! There is a riddled element in pink colour that we have used in this pen stand.

Broad and shimmering pink crystal is bestowed in the stand to sit like a crown on the throne of floral petals surrounding all along. The petals fold towards the outside to provide enhanced poignancy to the pink crystal.

Anyone receiving this jovial present wouldn’t hesitate in appreciating it, after all, it is as thoughtful as it looks!

2. Airplane Silver Paperweight

An amazing silver paperweight shaped like an airplane.

The shiny and eye-catching look of the paperweight would recurrently drive the person’s attention towards itself to just keep staring at it.

Airplane design is idiosyncratic due to the fact that most paperweights come in spherical shapes and they lose the privilege to rise into the eyes of a doctor.

However, this airplane silver paperweight is uniquely shaped to assist your company to provide the best designed and full of freshness articles. The dense paperweight would keep all papers of the doctor’s work in the right place.

3. 3-in-1 Black Office Accessory Set

Office Accessory Set 3-in-1

This is the set of diversity. It will cater to the various needs like keychain, cardholder and a pen, all placed in a single combo.

The keychain is chicly designed to suit a doctor’s profile. Pen in this set is smooth and slender to allow fluent writing which is consistently needed by a doctor.

The stylish cardholder is spacious enough to put in all essential cards including the ones you give to the doctors for special reference.

4. Square Cutwork Silver Platter

Square Cutwork Silver Platter

It is an astonishing gift for those who desire to give an item of royalty. We designed this platter into a gracious shape of square.

To compliment the whole design – base is rigid and uniform and the corners elevate upto a small angle to aid in smooth plating. Borders are homogeneously patterned by amicable format.

Health Practitioners can jovially put it to use on their table top that would benefit your company as regularly the product will be visible to them.

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5. Ethereal Photo Frame 

Knitted Design Silver Photo Frame

Generic items, anybody can give. Why not get struck right into the warmest walls of a doctor?

The photo frame bases itself  on a minimalistic appeal that resonates with everyone.

Its impact is so subtle and versatile that whether a doctor or a patient, whoever sees it, will take a few moments to just adore this as soon as  they catch a glimpse of it.

6. Silver Car Mobile Stand

car shaped mobile stand in silver plating

Doctors love surprises too! And when the surprise is a stupendous article of such beholding design, they cannot resist themselves from showing it off by placing it on their table

Some things speak for themselves & this mobile stand cum card holder right here is a spectacular piece that serves its purpose perfectly.

The size of this mobile stand might seem small, but it holds considerable weight with ease.

7. Infinity Crystal Silver Keychain

Infinity Crystal Silver Keychain

Infinity is the symbol of a never-ending process. Does a doctor’s job come to a halt?

No. Remind them how crucial their role is for you by gifting a sweet and logically designed keychain like the one we are describing about.

It is strengthened by embellished shining crystals and will add a touch of elegance to the entire outlook. Doctors do deserve to flaunt such pharmaceutical gifts in a charming way!

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8. Butterfly Enameled Silver Bookmark

Silver Butterfly Bookmark

Medical Practitioners certainly have a thing for beauty, and this bookmark will satiate their hunger of aesthetics. Being an exemplary article, this dainty bookmark is surely a unique one which can be added to journals, novels & books.

The refinement of this bookmark exudes class while simple staying astray from gaudiness & tacky appearance.

Doctors can delightfully use this piece and keep your firm into consideration.

9. Crystal Bowls With Oval Tray

Crystal Bowls With Tray

An awestruck amalgamation of quality as well as quantity- gift a lifesaver not one but two wholesome bowls carrying a modish tray.

These crystal bowls are monochromatic patterned on the whole outer surfaces and have a lid with a small dense circular facilitator.

The spacious bowls can be used to hold healthy mouth fresheners or some dry fruits that are abundantly needed by those ‘on the toes’ committed life warriors.


10. Intriguing Flower Motif Silver Tray

Silver Serving Tray

Give a reason to doctors for remembering you while letting them rejoice in the amazing utility of your gifted articles.

Being one of our most sought-after pieces, this scintillating tray has flower motif on its rim and is an item of royalty in every sense.

This tray is spacious enough to display one’s favorite sweets or other food items with grace.

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Great Presents = Remarkable Experiences. Agreed?

Did you ever ponder upon it – Why not the usual pen drives or pen sets? MeLANgE thought about it way before on your behalf. Do you wish that the doctors remember your products and company?

Gift top-quality and pleasant gifts as you move forward with product launches.

But why so? Let’s explain the psychological side of it, doctors are exhausted of receiving same pharmaceutical themed gifts.

Commonsensical – What would a person do with tens of pen drives or yoga mats or wall clocks?

It’s high time you make this change and see how it benefits. There is a humongous range  of “pharma gifts to doctors” that you could send along with new product launches and more health specialists would recommend your medications.

Prosperous gifting to you!