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Pick Premium Diwali Gifts For a Posh Taste

Read on to find Premium Diwali Gifts

Diwali is one of the festive seasons that creates a different buzz in our minds. The rush of storming to thronged markets, hoarding the best sweets you could find & running errands to adorn your house with the perfect décor accessories – is all that we go through but in the end, it’s all worth it. We already know how we leave no stone unturned to make Diwali go spectacular.

So Why Should We Neglect Any Exclusive Diwali Gifts That Could Make Your Diwali Go Even Better?

While scouring for premium Diwali gifts in any market, there are chances of bumping into options that we might end up buying but are not so sure about – cliché, tacky, overpriced, or just anything that doesn’t give you a reason to buy – we call them the “red flags”. When you are just about to give up looking for more & buy those options, those red flags keep flashing in your mind. In the end, you return home empty-handed, and those options lie stranded in that market.

When you only have a few days left until Diwali, you cannot afford to squander your time on worthless gifts. Picking for something that represents your lavish taste while giving you a chance to reconnect with your close ones would feel like a cool breeze brushing against your face on a hot day.

To make things easier for you, we have come up with some of the best & premium Diwali gifts that will resonate with you as much as they will resonate with your recipients. Read till the end to find your perfect & exclusive Diwali gifts – you will love it!

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Here are some Extraordinary & Premium Diwali Gifts you can choose to woo your loved ones –

1 – Glass Globe Silver Bowl –

Glass Globe Bowl With Fish Scale Design

As Beguiling as it looks, this Glass Globe Silver Bowl doesn’t fail to draw eyes & drops the right ounce of magnificence, no matter wherever you keep it.

  • This bowl’s delicate artistry complements the high-grade glass & pure silver used in its making.
  • Add glory to your dining table with this majestic silver bowl filled with premium dry fruits, chocolates, sweets & other delicious tidbits
  • Gifting this unique piece would ensure strengthened ties between you & the recipient while conveying your respect for them as a person.

2 – Oval Unique Ceramic Flower Gold –

The ultimate showstopper is here – behold the beauty of this one-of-a-kind golden basket

  • It’s laid with intricate designs & a sleek handle to complement its structure.
  • The protruding flowers add more grace while the basket holds fresh fruits, desserts, or any items of your choice.
  • This basket makes for a thoughtful gifting option, as it adds to the aesthetics of any surroundings.  

3 – Peacock Leaf Border Oval Silver Bowl –

Oval Tray With Peacock Motif On The Rim

A fascinating iteration of peacock leaves carved out of silver will leave you beguiled. Presenting one of our coveted artisanal pieces.

  • This bowl serves its purpose by keeping premium dry fruits or tidbits
  •  It can be placed on any setting to amp up the aesthetics.
  • This silver bowl makes for a remarkable gift through its superior quality & alluring design; the recipient would never want to let go of this articulate piece.
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4 – Three Sided Handle Silver Platter

Three Sided Handle Silver Platter

“Your premium dry fruits deserve a royal display instead of a run-off-the-mill tray.”

  • Witness your recipients getting impressed with the beauty of this Premium Platter complemented with gourmet dry fruits.
  • Attached with handles on three sides, this medium-sized platter is silver plated & is built to defy blandness at all costs.
  • An article like this lasts for years & adds to the glory of any place wherever it goes.

5 – Crystal bowls With Oval Silver Tray 

Crystal Bowls with Tray

Words will fall short to describe this timeless set of crystal bowls & silver tray.

  • These crystal bowls render remarkable iridescence and their lids are layered with smooth enameling.
  • This set can be used to serve premium dry fruits or sweeteners.
  • Different from other gift sets, this one makes itself entitled to be a pride of your serve ware & ensures that your recipients think of you every time they look at it.

6 – Silver Centerpiece Bowl With Stand 4 -in-1 

Silver Plated Bowl

Any dining table is too pretty to keep a bland plastic bowl; This beauty can serve its purpose in a better & more elegant way.

  • While holding 4 types of premium eateries, this silver-plated centerpiece bowl instantly draws attention and comes with a durable stand that complements its quality.
  • Gift this unique article to a valued acquaintance to add grace to their interiors with its sheer pulchritude.
  • When you gift this unique article to someone, they will indubitably be touched by your concern for them as well as their taste that you kept in mind while gifting.

7 – Rectangle-Shaped Wooden Silver Box 

Red Silver-Plated Box

Get a box that speaks of your revered legacy through its unending charm & bespoke elegance – we’re talking about our Rectangle-shaped Wooden Box.

  • This box is embellished with a finely carved silver plating featuring a sublime delicacy of intricate design.
  • This can be used to keep precious souvenirs, dry fruits, nuts, jewelry & much more.
  • Pro tip: Gift this regal piece to someone with a hidden note/surprise inside & make a way in their heart.

8 – Crystal Rim Fluted Silver Bowls 

crystal rim fluted silver bowls with a smooth finish

Daze your loved ones with the unmatched sparkle of elegance through these exquisite silver bowls that are one of the best classy Diwali gifts you could come across.

  • Embellished with the sparkle of crystals along with the border, the bowls exude refined luxury.
  • The fluted pattern inside the bows is an eye-catcher for sure.
  • These bowls are the true embodiment of royalty & simplicity – both at once. Gifting them to someone arouses positive feelings in their mind & leads to fostered relationships between you & that person.

9 – Tulip Crystal Candle Holder 

Silver Plated Candle Holder

What’s Diwali without soothing candlelight & a pinch of luxury? Bring on the festive fervor with this distinctive silver candle holder.

  • Graced with a crystal tulip & silver plating this article marks a statement of pure sumptuousness wherever it’s placed.
  • It is built to last & doesn’t tarnish. Moreover, the candle placed inside can be replaced at any time.
  • Gift this regal masterpiece to someone you love & let your relationship with that person bloom like a tulip.
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Picking the ideal & premium diwali gifts can be a real hustle, but when you finally do, the experiences that follow are breathtaking! The joy of gifting someone special with the right item is one of the best feelings, & we are here to ensure that you get those experiences more often.

Perks of Buying Classy Diwali Gifts at Melange Gift Collection 

  • With our delightful packaging & gift boxes, you will never miss out on a chance to impress a loved one – don’t worry, we don’t charge a dime for them.
  • Get your gift customized as per your choice & let us deliver to any location you want in India.
  • Rejoice the smiles & compliments that will follow 🙂

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