Gift for someone who has everything

The Perfect Wedding Gift For A Friend Who Has Everything

We all have a friend who gets everything even before they ask for it. Which is why, most of the times they have everything that one could desire for. Choosing a wedding gift for a friend like that could be a herculean task. But, as they say, it’s not the gift but the sentiment that matters. So, we are here as a solution to your problem. We got you gifts that they will cherish and recognise, even though they have everything.

We have hand-picked items which we think would be the best ones to give to someone close to you. The gift ideas are such that they won’t be able to pass them on. They will keep the gift items close to their heart forever.

Don’t forget to fill in your details if you find the right choice for your gift. Dig in and you would get more diversity in the gifts. So, here we go!

Lord Ganesha With Flute and Mooshak On White Quartz

Lord Ganesha With Mooshak On Quartz

Lord Ganesha is the one who is worshipped first whenever there is an auspicious occasion. To gift a luxurious Lord Ganesha idol on their wedding day will not only add to its auspiciousness but also show them your thoughtfulness. 

The idol has a silver-plated body, resting on a white quartz stone that is said to diminish negative energies and welcome the positive ones.

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Vintage Floral Golden Basket with chocolates on a wooden platform.

Vintage Floral Golden Basket

Gifting something usual is one thing, but to present something that is not only useful but also possesses great magnificence is a gift to remember. This golden basket is one of the best wedding gift for a friend.

The lavishly ornate artefact can be used for serving purposes as well as a centrepiece to keep fruits and other delicacies on the centre table.

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Two-in-one Shell Platter

Two-In-One Designer Shell Platter

This splendid shell platter is made in such a way that the recipient would misunderstand it for a centrepiece or a home decor element. Nonetheless to say, this is reason enough why this one would be a unique and memorable wedding gift for a friend.

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Dot Hammered Silver Plated Bowl on a wooden table with plates and cutlery,.

Silver-Plated Hammered Bowl

If the recipient’s got everything, gifting a serve ware is probably a bad idea, you might think. However, gifting a silver-plated one with luxuriousness and an anti-tarnish guarantee is one of the best ideas.

The recipient will think of you every time they’ll use this artefact. Moreover, the best wedding gift for a friend is the one that is never seen stashed away in the corner.


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Silver Plated Aarta Thali Set with Deepak, Bell and incense stick holder.

Aarta Thali Set

Wedding rituals and post wedding rituals involve a lot of Pooja and prayers. Gifting an Aarta Thali Set to the newly weds will be immensely useful to mark the beginning of their new lives. Add the auspiciousness of silver-plated articles to that and Voila! There you have the best gift ever!

This set comprises of an Aarta Thali, an Om Bell, a Deepak and an incense stick holder.

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Silver Plated Jewellery Box with flower accent on a vanity table.

Jewellery Box With Flower Accent

During a wedding, jewellery is the most bought and gathered thing. For every occasion and outfit, there’s different jewellery. For a bride, the number is even bigger. Hence, a jewellery box with sections like this one will make for one of the best and most useful wedding gift for a friend.

The silver-plated souvenir comes with an anti-tarnish guarantee and a designer gift box that can be customised too.

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Why Stress on ‘What Wedding Gift Do You Give Someone That Has Everything”?

As your search depicts, the friend who’s getting married has got everything already. Despite knowing this fact, you’re trying to go out of your way and think of the best gift you could present them on their special day. The thought alone will warm their heart. Add the happiness of unwrapping something thoughtful and meaningful to them. Do you know what you’ll get? Pure look of adoration on their face. 

We’ll help you in getting that perfect wedding gift for a friend who has everything in just a tap of your thumb. Click on the enquire button below and our gifting experts will help you find the ideal present that fulfils your requirements within your budget. Don’t forget about the exclusive deals, luxurious souvenirs, wide price range, free gift boxes and free doorstep delivery!

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