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The Unique Baby Shower Gifts You Never Knew

Read on to discover the Best Baby Shower Gifts

To the superwoman of a little one,

Be the shining, ever guiding light of the sun!

Know someone who is ready to pop out the bundle of joy in a couple of weeks? Are you ecstatic for the birth of the one you have been waiting for with a bated breath? Got invited to a near one’s baby shower and have no idea what to give to them? Have you been searching for a ‘perfect present’ the entire day long with no luck?

A baby shower in particular is held when the mother-to-be is almost at 7-8 months and is in her last trimester. Being celebrated to shower gifts along love, this is one of the finest ways to display your undying love for the parents-to-be and for the little angel who will be soon joining them in this wicked wide world from heaven.

With her most treasured ones around, love and security covers the soon-to-be-mother in a blanket of peace and happiness. This period, this particular day is the one wherein the parents share their excitement over the little one kicking a life within the mother. Thus, if you are invited to a baby shower of a near one, feel obliged because you are amongst their favourites!

Moreover, you might be someone ‘special’ for the parents-to-be inviting you to such a personal celebration. Be there for them to share their joy even a few tears (of happiness, of course!) but not empty handed.

Why do you need to choose best Baby Shower Gifts?

Give them the finest, enthralling and practically crafted hampers of goodies.

Show them exactly how much it means to you to be invited to a gathering especially including the people they love and trust their soon-to-be born child with. Who knows, maybe you will be the god-parent of the little human?

Now enter with grace with gleaming newborn baby gifts in hand along a smug smile on your face. You need to find a present that is breath-taking, thoughtful, exclusive and useful. Tough task?

Before you get alarmed and sweat becoming a nervous wreck, let it be known we are here to aid you in any way we can, including providing you with a list of most trending articles in India. Furthermore, that can be delivered PAN India!

Scroll for the beguiling baby shower gifts and our tips to present them to the expecting couple to get them over the moon with practical choices. These are the unique baby shower gifts that you never knew.

Best Baby Shower Gifts That You Can Get!

1.) Enameled Engine Piggy Bank

a picture of a piggy bank shaped like an engine with blue enameled exterior and blue stones attached on beige wheels

Pondering over what to give to your close one that resonates with their feelings along with being useful to the little bean who will be born soon enough? How about a glistening engine shaped piggy bank that teaches the child later the worth of every penny?

Chiefly, a one that is durable, captivating and lasts eternally.

Now get that precious one a baby shower gift ideas that the parents too can use easily before the child is able to. Moreover, if the article is one that they can save for the child’s future, it’s even better!

Tip: Add a couple of coins beforehand to the gift. It’s an axiom, a wallet and a piggy bank should never be gifted empty.

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2.) Enameled Shoe Piggy Bank

a picture of a shoe shaped piggy bank with enameled exteriors and ribbon as a shoelace

Want to give an article that reflects the delightfulness your heart is bursting with for the birth of the child? Indeed, for a couple of months the new-born would be a puking and pooping machine. But later on, one of the gifts that both, the parents and the child appreciate is a piggy bank that saves each coin given or found by the little bean.

Tip: Do not give any ‘tips’ to the mother-to-be on motherhood or the expenses to incur in near future.

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3.) Prince/ Princess Crown Crystal Studded Baby Photo Frame

a blue baby themed photo frame with a wooden base decorated with silver plated border having a crown and "Prince" written on it

The child to be born holds a special place in your heart even before you have seen his/her face? Want your newborn baby gifts to shine the sentiments of your soul?

We come to your rescue a Prince and Princess embossed photo frame to hold a sheer moment of joy forever!

Now get the butterflies in the stomach of the mother-to-be with a title for her child on the present. Let the gift be a one that she holds dear to her heart. Isn’t that what you want? For a gift that the parents keep safe for showcasing the eternal bliss that their child brings, even the rocky parts of the parenthood.

Tip: Add a picturesque photograph to your present and make it a personalized gift.

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4.) Baby Elephant Enamel Photo Frame

a cute baby themed enameled silver photo frame with two bears

One amongst the ten best baby gift ideas, this miniature elephant shaped frame is the most loved by the onlookers and the parents-to-be. Help them to grab their hands on articles that the little bean’s parents could add their little angel’s picture. Make them putty with the astonishing look of your present for the baby shower.  

Tip: To make the present worth every rupee, add a note to the article and see how the recipients melt at the thoughtful action.


Melangegift also caters assortments according to your choices. Seize the magnificent photo frames such as Baby Elephant photo frame, Noah Ark’s Theme photo frame amongst many heart-warming presents from our exhilarating collections.

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5.) Butterfly Enameled Silver Keychain

Gem Studded Butterfly Keychain

Want to be the best god-parent there ever can be? How about displaying your thoughts on the restrictions placed on the child? Give a riveting Butterfly keychain and let the wings represent the ‘soar’ you will encourage of the little human yet to be born!

The mother getting ready to bring a little person into this world through the most painful process in the world surely deserves a reward, doesn’t she? 

Tip: Get her this stunning, glossy article for her precious keys so she never has to lose them or stand outside waiting for her husband to open the door!

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Not Just These, We Have More Baby Shower Gifts

6.) Square Weave Design Silver Box

Modern design silver box

There might be no ‘perfect’ newborn baby gift ideas albeit there can be striking ones that make all the attendees go ‘awww’.

Make everyone around you go euphoric over the flawless and divinely crafted silver box. Get your recipients a silver shining, as is said, no gift is better than a silver present. Furthermore, silver is acknowledged to be a symbol of bringing luck to the gift recipient.

Tip: Add dry-fruits, chocolates, dry-fruits or anything else to the box and make it a hamper of sorts.  

Get the mother-to-be enraptured and dancing to the tunes of love because this is her day. Her day to laugh, cry, shine, love and scream too!

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Do you want to give better baby shower gifts than those options presented to you above? 

Or a mixture of two best suited baby shower gifts for mom? Well, lucky you!

Melangegift has just what you need, an alluring assortment of baby shower hampers. Yes, you read that right. Not one but many hampers of your favorite presents such as:

  1. Silver Box Goodies Hamper

An enticing hamper, decorated to grab eye-balls of the attendees. The hamper not only includes a Silver weaved box but is customizable as well. Now, get your gift recipients a present that speaks to their soul.

One can add trays to fill them with sweets or platters, even a Rose enameled ceramic cup set for the parents-to-be.

2.  Photo Frame Hampers

Quench your hunger and satiate yourself with the exquisite collection of hampers. Help in adorning the sacred home of the parents-to-be.

Give them a gift they look forward to decorating after the arrival of the little one.

3.  Gender Reveal Or Is It?

Gender determination test is illegal in India but a mother’s inkling over the gender of the child isn’t. And more often than not, it has been found that expecting mothers can have an inclination of what the gender might be.

Therefore, for those who know what gender the child may be, Melangegift have gender revealing baby shower gift hampers too!

How cute would it be to stun the attendees at the gender surprise?

Grab the exclusives now.

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