unique wedding gifts 2022 that will entice you

15 Unique Wedding Gifts 2022 That Will Entice You

The eccentric moments of a wedding are those when a couple accepts gifts filled with blissful blessings, boundless joy and ethereal ecstasy of a magnificent union. With a thoughtful gesture, choosing unique wedding gifts could turn out to be the best decision ever! 

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It is the day when you can best prove how you perceive that couple, henceforth, the depth of your auspicious forethought for them. This is the time when you must prepare for the expectations everyone has from you in terms of “gifting”

The quality and class of your gift will decide whether it will be celebrated through warm close-up or simply get sided away amongst the other mediocre gifts.

The higher a gift quality is, the more prolific your reputation is going to be. Isn’t it all inter-related? Yes, it is. So, thinking about how you can improve and choose unique personalised wedding gifts? Well, you are at the right place, bingo!

Navigate An Enthralling Range Of Unique Wedding Gifts To Make Priceless Memories

Moreover, it is also an astounding opportunity for a beautiful couple like you to honor people close to your hearts.

A return gift from the couple’s side will be the evidence of their status quo and an effective image the guests have as being considerate.

It is an unmatched way to make your guests feel happy and valued, which makes them return home with jovial faces.

Your guests attend the wedding to shower you with abundance of love and sublime tranquility in your married life. Would you like them to return with a simple sweets box?

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It is seen recurrently that when guests return from a wedding with an elegant hamper, it is the identification mark of ‘a truly in love couple’!  If you were not in love madly, why would you be bothered about return gifts after all?

A gift from a couple’s side to guests is an especial remembrance of euphoric memories and strong emotional bonding that revive the breath of magnanimity that each and every relation a guest has with you.

A return gift is a signature from a beloved couple to the revered guest who blesses with the bottom of heart.

Additionally, your wedding arrangement is more triumphant when your guests are content to the top and it’s viable only by unique wedding gifts for your loved ones.


We make the finest efforts so that a range of startling products at affordable prices. Following is a glance of the variety we develop for weddings and put a cherry on the cake :-

Pick From An Alluring Range of Unique Wedding Favors & Make Your Wedding More Memorable

With our suggestions of 10+  high end & Unique personalised wedding gifts at your disposal, make sure the relatives, friends and even coworkers are overjoyed and not found frowning after an extravagant occasion.

1.Enameled Double Layer Silver Photo Frame

Multicolored Flower Patterned Photo Frame
  • A flourished and well-created photo frame that will make you remembered as a stupendous couple for gifting a real masterpiece.
  • Make the couple’s journey “blessed beyond boring boundaries!”

2. Tulip Crystal Candle Holder 

Silver Plated Candle Holder
  • See off the guests with an imperial article which will be used in a glorious way of sheer delight. 
  • This candle holder is shaped in the form of the tulip flower that itself represents faith and love. It will fill lives with shining light of happiness.
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3. Peacock Leaf Border Round Silver Bowl

Oval Tray With Peacock Motif On The Rim
  • The silver lining on a jovial day! This silver bowl is carved into an amicale round shape which contains peacock motifs on all edgings. 
  • Peacock work makes it look royal and top-suited to be gifted to a lovely couple on their wedding day.

4. Round Handle Silver Basket

Silver Basket Flower Affix On The Handle
  • “What a gracious present!” is the same way your guests will react upon receiving this. Our intricately designed basket of floral pattern and smooth, flawless round handle is a stunner!
  •  It is an impressive gift for your desire to be maintained – ‘status’.

5. Intricate Border Rectangular Silver Tray

Square Cutwork Silver Tray
  • Hey! Why not fill the married life of a happy wedding couple with the fragrance of a flower? This round silver tray is created just for that.
  • The eloquent theme is the same as the magnificence of floral carving throughout its border. 

6.Piano Shaped Enameled Silver Box

a trinket box shaped like a piano with enameled designer top and which plays a sweet music


  • A gift that nobody could ever imagine! If you gift this while your guests return to their abodes, it will have an unparalleled effect upon them as this elegant piano shaped enameled silver box plays a melody as well. 
  • Indeed, it is a classy return gift which will start to tune in with the emotionality of your guests.
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7.Red Ripple Box Hamper

Peacock Leaf Silver Coffee Mug
  • The royal pair is the true embodiment of royalty! This set of coffee mugs feature peacock leaf design with utmost precision and detailing to every bit of it.
  •  These cups will taste equally surreal as well, every time the couple sips a beverage!

8. Beaded Rim Silver Bowls With Spoons

Set Of Four Spoons And Round Shaped Bowls With Balls Beaded On The Rim
  • Make the guests happy and delighted with a set of beaded rim silver bowls that come with chic silver spoons.
  •  What a striking combo! All bowls in the set do justice with the design through rim with beading work.

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9. Square Fluted Bowls With Tray

Silver Bowls with Silver Spoons and Tray
  • It will be so hard not to look at and not use it by your guests as these marvelous bowls are unique in design and bring a matching tray.
  • The bowls are engaging in the creation of the glued design all over the space of bowls and a sweet tray is a cherry on the cake.

10. Glass Globe Silver Bowl

Glass Globe Bowl With Fish Scale Design
  • The bowl comes with a globe shape on the top, a hypnotic centerpiece of ball shape and base of broad and solid grounds.
  • It will be a witty choice for a return gift from the couple’s side as it will always enhance the glamour of your guest’s home’s eminent space.

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11.Round Cutwork Silver Bowl

Round Cutwork Silver Platter
  • An out and out bowl for your guests to make them return home with brightened faces and grinning moments.
  • It serves any purpose and will be merrily and prominently displays your choicest dry fruits to visitors. 

12. Duck Bowl Tray Set

a set of three swan shaped bowls placed on a silver tray
  • The showstopper is right here, it is an imperial and dainty set of three bowls of duck shape that come along with a lovely sober tray.
  • The set is so idiosyncratic that such type of a return gift would not have been given whether past trends or those of today. It’s going to rule!

13. Crystal Sugarpot With Spoon

Cutwork Silver-Plated Jewelry Box
  • Sprinkle the tastes of sweetness for that deserving couple by gifting them this enchanting crystal sugar pot with a spoon and shower sheer love on their destinies!
  • The design of this sugar pot is glorious with the touch of sophistication to the detailing and carving done on the silver patterns of it and alike complimentary is its spoon.

14.Square Weave Design Silver Box

ROSE GOLD jewelry box
  • The box is stunning in the top lid and slaying in the lower container due to a right coordination between design and utility.
  • It is an ideal choice for your guests to take home as a return gift from your side and hit a sentimental note with them on this blessed day of yours.

15. Ceramic Flower Gold Tea Cup

Ceramic Flower Gold Tea Cup (Set of 2)
  • When it’s gold, everything else falls flat! This is a kingly set of two ceramic tea cups on which flower design is done on the belt of august gold.
  • Rose flower on the belt of gold, what could be better than this one for a couple that is expecting your best on the platform of their wedding and heads held high with pride!

Bottom Line

“Rab ne bana di jodi!” It is a phrase that is loved by a couple to hear on their D-Day. But all these sweet words without an alluring gift for them?

Absolutely not. Here we provided you with a glimpse of the unique wedding gifts you can opt on your wedding for a unique remembrance.

“The greatest wedding we ever witnessed.” Want to hear uttering like this from your guests, well we showed you the way above.

And why not? After all it’s about the most special day of your lives, your guests will expect to be returned home with love (and some grandiose presents too!)

In addition to this, we will contribute to the pious bond of love – “wedding” too. MeLANgE is going to provide FREE AND MESMERIZINGLY AWESOME GIFT PACKAGING for the presents you will choose.

“Long live your love!”